How can I use a found iPad?

Episode 1295 (2:13:23)

Jonathan from Durango, CO
Apple iPad Pro

Jonathan knows someone who lost an iPad in the snow and found it months later. It actually turned on! Leo says Jonathan is incredibly lucky. Leo says to make sure it's fully dried out before turning it on again. He should stick it in a bowl of rice and let it sit for a week. This will draw out all the moisture. There may also be corrosion.

He wants to know how he can find the user. Leo says if the user runs Find My iPad when the iPad is on, then she can find it. If she doesn't come get it, can he use it? Leo says probably not. Apple has changed the way that iOS devices work so that they can't be used without the original Apple ID. So he'd be out of luck. He could talk to Apple about it.