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Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott lives in a retirement community and they are creating a community TV station. He has a huge budget to buy equipment. Leo says that he doesn't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment anymore. Leo uses consumer grade Canon VIXIA camcorders that cost $300, and tripods should only cost a few hundred.

Leo says that if someone is pushing them to send $50,000 to buy equipment, its because they've seen them coming a mile away. Leo suggests showing them They can check out the Wiki for TWiT for what Leo uses. Using consumer grade cameras also means he doesn't need an operator, because he can have more cameras to handle different angles. That'll save him a lot as well.

Watch John from Monterey, MX Comments

John has a 2010 MacBook Pro and it's started to fail. Will there be a new MacBook Pro announced at WWDC? Leo says that he's been waiting for WWDC. They usually announce new Macs there. The word is that Apple doesn't have plans to do so, though, and they've gotten slower and slower in updating them. We can be pretty sure that Apple will have a new MacBook in the fall, but Leo says to not bother waiting. The update really isn't going to be that big of a deal.

(UPDATE: Apple did not release any new Macs at WWDC.)

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Watch Earl from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Earl accidentally deleted all of his vacation pictures on his phone. What can he do? Leo says that to guard against this in the future by using Google Photos, which will automatically upload his images when he's on a Wi-Fi connection.
Flickr does too.

With a little effort, Earl could use some recovery tools to restore them, but he'll have to make sure he connects his phone to his computer as a mass storage device. He'll be able to find that in settings.

Watch Gary from New Jersey Comments

Gary has an iPhone 5S and he's hearing rumors that the iPhone 7 is coming out in the fall. He wants to upgrade to get more storage. How can he make room on his phone in the meantime? Leo says that since Gary is thinking of upgrading because he's running out of room on his 32GB model, he suggests backing up those photos into the cloud. Gary can turn on the iCloud Photo Library for storage. He can find that in Settings > Photos and Cameras > iCloud Photo Library. He may need to buy more storage and can get 200 GB for $2 a month. Apple will upload all the photos and videos and replace them with smaller versions for his phone. Also, install Google Photos and upload your images there.

Watch Noah from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Noah wants to know if Apple will go to USB Type-C connectors on the iPhone or iPad. Leo says no. They just moved to Lightning connectors on the iPhone or iPad. They did put USB Type-C on its MacBooks, but don't look for Type-C on iOS any time soon.

Photo by Maurizio Pesce

Watch Andrew from Orange County, CA Comments

Andrew is having so much trouble with Windows that he calls it the "10th circle of hell." He installed it so that he'd have the free upgrade before the July 29th deadline. His search has disappeared, the Start menu stopped working, along with other problems. What can he do to fix all this? The problem is that Windows 10 has architecture from previous versions going all the way back to Vista. It hasn't been built from the ground up. So because of its age, it has issues. Leo recommends downgrading back to Windows 7. It's mature, solid, and refined to the point where it's a better option.

Otherwise, Andrew can update all of his hardware drivers by going to the hardware manufacturer directly. They may have a better driver that's more up to date than the Windows 10 driver.

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Watch Dennis from Costa Rica Comments

Dennis got an iPhone 6s Plus a few months ago and he can't seem stop the storage from filling up his phone. Leo says that the iPhone caches a lot of data. If he plugs it into his computer, he can take a look at it in iTunes. It will show him a graphical representation of the space used in "other." The only real way to clean it up is to backup the iPhone, erase it, and then restore it. That will get rid of all the cached stuff. He can go into Settings > General > Storage and Usage, and clear everything out piece by piece. The only way he can truly get rid of it all is to backup the phone, restore it, and start over.

Watch Chuck from Glendale, CA Comments

Chuck would like to connect his iPad to his TV wirelessly without anything in between. Leo says he can only connect to his TV with the Apple TV. It uses Airplay. On the Android side, his TV may support Android's DLNA or MiraCast without additional hardware.

Watch Dan from Fresno, CA Comments

Dan was using his iPhone 5s and he got a message that someone is trying to sign into a device using his Apple ID. Apple says that they don't send out messages like that. Leo says that isn't really accurate as he's gotten those as well. Any time you sign into a new device, you get that message. If it comes with a suggestion to change the password, however, then that could be a ploy to steal his Apple ID from a browser. He should never do that.

Watch David from Alhambra, CA Comments

David updated his mobile phone and he's lost a lot of apps. Leo says that if he opens the Google Play store, there's a menu item for "My Apps." It'll show what's on his phone and what isn't. If he presses and holds the first app he wants, he can then select all the apps he wants and it'll reinstall them.

He's also having trouble his 1Password vault. Leo says that if he lost the password vault, or the password in general, then he may be out of luck as he's responsible for that password vault. He should make sure it exists in more than one place, like DropBox and his desktop computer. If he has the vault, he can sync it back and he'll be good to go. It's important to remember that the user is responsible for it, as 1Password doesn't have it. That keeps it more secure. He can also backup his settings to Google and even Samsung for his Samsung phone.

Watch Jonathan from Durango, CO Comments

Jonathan knows someone who lost an iPad in the snow and found it months later. It actually turned on! Leo says Jonathan is incredibly lucky. Leo says to make sure it's fully dried out before turning it on again. He should stick it in a bowl of rice and let it sit for a week. This will draw out all the moisture. There may also be corrosion.

He wants to know how he can find the user. Leo says if the user runs Find My iPad when the iPad is on, then she can find it. If she doesn't come get it, can he use it? Leo says probably not. Apple has changed the way that iOS devices work so that they can't be used without the original Apple ID. So he'd be out of luck. He could talk to Apple about it.

Watch Cassie from Crystal River, FL Comments

Cassie would like to carry a backup with her wherever she goes, just in case. Leo says that portable hard drives and thumbdrives are dirt cheap these days, so she can not only do that, but she can put backups in several locations off site. Can she back up multiple computers to the same drive? Leo says perhaps, but recommends doing an image instead. She should image each drive and then save those images to the backup drive. That way she can restore each separate image as required.

Leo recommends Drive Snapshot.

Other options include:

Then she can restore the image as needed.