What's a good VOIP solution?

Episode 1294 (15:55)

Lane from Huntington Beach, CA

Lane is looking for a good voice over IP (VOiP) phone option. Leo says that Ooma and 8x8 are good because they are rather invisible and he can use regular phones to make calls. To use his mobile phone with it, he'll need a SIP app (session initiation protocol), but they require a SIP provider. There's a company called Obihai which provides the SIP access. Ooma has built up enough of a network so that it's more affordable and a good choice. He'll have to buy the hardware up front, which will cost him about $100, though. Leo says that's his best bet.

To connect via the Wi-Fi, Leo just uses Skype, Tango, or Viber. He will need in/out access like a normal phone. He can buy Skype Out credits that provide that option.