Is the Tiny Hardware Firewall a good idea for hotspotting?

Episode 1294 (1:56:48)

Chris from San Marcos, CA
Tiny Hardware Firewall

Chris is looking at the Tiny Hardware Firewall. He thinks it's a great idea, but what VPN client should he use? TOR? Leo says that TOR and VPN are different things. VPN or "virtual private networks" are tunnels bored through the internet, but TOR encrypts it. It is great and Leo uses it when he travels or is using a public Wi-Fi access point. It just fits in his pocket, too. He should be careful when he's joining a public hotspot. He'll get most of the benefits from a VPN, though, if he just surfs to sites using https.

Chris also has a Stream Smart streaming box and he loves it. He can see network live TV. The Box cost him about $300. Leo says it's a KODI box based on XBMC. If it's powerful enough, then it's a reasonable price. KODI is concerned because some third party hardware is actually pirating the content, though. So Leo recommends going to KODI's site and choosing from their approved list.