How can I better control my Philips Hue lights?

Episode 1294 (54:15)

JJ from San Francisco, CA
Philips Hue Starter Kit

JJ has the Philips Hue lighting system and his lights turned on in the middle of the night. He's discovered that his landlord shares the same breaker with him and after the power had been cut and restored, the lights came on. Is this common? Leo says that the Philips Hue system is really cool, but it can get reset when the power goes out or if there's some sort of change on the breaker. There's no real way out of it short of convincing Philips to change it. There may be a recipe on If This Then That that could compensate for it since the Hue is programmable. Since it's a deliberate safety issue, there may be nothing that can be done.