Can I store apps on my miniSD card on my LG phone?

Episode 1294 (41:23)

William from Anaheim, CA

William's old 8GB LG G5 has filled up and he wants to add a miniSD card for storage. Can he add apps to the card as well as storage? Leo says that this is a common problem with Android and it largely depends on what flavor of Android he's using. For William, it's Lollipop. But even then, ideally, it gets confusing with the app and the phone. It could be different from app to app. So he'll need to go into the app settings and see if it supports it. There should be an option to move the app to the SD card. There are programs that promise to move them, but Leo doesn't recommend them because they don't do a good job. Google has since fixed this issue in Marshmallow, which sees the SD card as internal memory, so it's less of an issue now.

Leo says that apps take up very little space on a mobile phone. It's the data that uses up space, such as images and videos. He should look in his camera app for a setting to save the images to the SD card. Some music apps will do it as well. Leo advises getting a larger phone when he upgrades next.