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Watch Lane from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Lane is looking for a good voice over IP (VOiP) phone option. Leo says that Ooma and 8x8 are good because they are rather invisible and he can use regular phones to make calls. To use his mobile phone with it, he'll need a SIP app (session initiation protocol), but they require a SIP provider. There's a company called Obihai which provides the SIP access. Ooma has built up enough of a network so that it's more affordable and a good choice. He'll have to buy the hardware up front, which will cost him about $100, though. Leo says that's his best bet.

To connect via the Wi-Fi, Leo just uses Skype, Tango, or Viber. He will need in/out access like a normal phone. He can buy Skype Out credits that provide that option.

Watch William from Anaheim, CA Comments

William's old 8GB LG G5 has filled up and he wants to add a miniSD card for storage. Can he add apps to the card as well as storage? Leo says that this is a common problem with Android and it largely depends on what flavor of Android he's using. For William, it's Lollipop. But even then, ideally, it gets confusing with the app and the phone. It could be different from app to app. So he'll need to go into the app settings and see if it supports it. There should be an option to move the app to the SD card. There are programs that promise to move them, but Leo doesn't recommend them because they don't do a good job. Google has since fixed this issue in Marshmallow, which sees the SD card as internal memory, so it's less of an issue now.

Leo says that apps take up very little space on a mobile phone. It's the data that uses up space, such as images and videos. He should look in his camera app for a setting to save the images to the SD card. Some music apps will do it as well. Leo advises getting a larger phone when he upgrades next.

Watch Brian from Palmdale, CA Comments

Brian is getting married and they had to cut back on using a professional photographer due to budgets. Leo says that nowadays everyone has a smartphone, so he should encourage everyone to take pictures and then post them somewhere that they can get them. He could employ a hashtag so it's easier to search, no matter what social network they post to. Facebook has the Moments app that can work well for this. Google Photos has a great solution. He could create a shared Google Album that everyone can upload to. And they don't even need a Google account to upload to it. They can just email it to the album.

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Watch JJ from San Francisco, CA Comments

JJ has the Philips Hue lighting system and his lights turned on in the middle of the night. He's discovered that his landlord shares the same breaker with him and after the power had been cut and restored, the lights came on. Is this common? Leo says that the Philips Hue system is really cool, but it can get reset when the power goes out or if there's some sort of change on the breaker. There's no real way out of it short of convincing Philips to change it. There may be a recipe on If This Then That that could compensate for it since the Hue is programmable. Since it's a deliberate safety issue, there may be nothing that can be done.

Watch Dan from Murietta, CA Comments

Dan's daughter is graduating from high school on Friday and he wants to be able to broadcast the graduation ceremonies to family all over the world. How can he do it and have great audio? Leo says that everyone has gotten into live video streaming with Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live. The benefit of Facebook is that they'll even save it to his account so that people can watch it any time.

Dan can also add an external mic to the iPhone for better audio. Shure makes one called the Motiv MV88. Rode makes one called the Video Mic Me. If he's close to a speaker though, even the iPhone's internal mic will work just fine.

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob finally gave up on iTunes and started using Media Monkey. It's fine except he's having issues with using it with his old iPod. What stand alone MP3 player could Rob get that would work better? Leo says that MP3 players have mostly gone away as mobile phones have taken it over. An old Android phone that he doesn't use anymore would do the trick.

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Watch Leo from Buena Park, CA Comments

Leo from Buena Park thinks that buying a 4K TV is overdoing it right now because there just isn't enough content out there. Leo Laporte says that was true with the HD handover, and he'll see more flaws with a better resolution. HD has been quickly adopted and now everything is in HD. Leo Laporte thinks that will be likely with 4K as well, just not as fast. So it's up to him whether he wants to pay the extra money for 4K or just wait. But sooner or later, that choice will be made for him.

Watch Ralph from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ralph has been victim of the transition from Verizon to Frontier and he's looking for live TV alternatives. What about cable TV over the internet like Vstream? Leo says it depends on the source of the channels they bring. Many are either illegal, or foreign language TV. He could end up with soccer from Ecuador. It's not going to be ABC, ESPN or his local news. It really comes down to content. He'd really be better off going with Roku and then add things like Netflix, HBO, etc.

Sling offers a streaming package for $20 a month, but he still won't get local programming. For live TV, he can always put up an antenna.

Watch Chris from San Marcos, CA Comments

Chris is looking at the Tiny Hardware Firewall. He thinks it's a great idea, but what VPN client should he use? TOR? Leo says that TOR and VPN are different things. VPN or "virtual private networks" are tunnels bored through the internet, but TOR encrypts it. It is great and Leo uses it when he travels or is using a public Wi-Fi access point. It just fits in his pocket, too. He should be careful when he's joining a public hotspot. He'll get most of the benefits from a VPN, though, if he just surfs to sites using https.

Chris also has a Stream Smart streaming box and he loves it. He can see network live TV. The Box cost him about $300. Leo says it's a KODI box based on XBMC. If it's powerful enough, then it's a reasonable price. KODI is concerned because some third party hardware is actually pirating the content, though. So Leo recommends going to KODI's site and choosing from their approved list.

Watch Brett from California Comments

Brett makes jewelry and sells it online. She needs a good camera to take pictures of her products. Leo says that any point and shoot would work, even a modern camera phone. There are guides on how to photograph an object that will improve her sales. It should be shot with a photo softbox using lights and a diffuser. Leo likes the Canon ELPH for a camera though.

Check out Brett's website at