Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1293 (23:01)

Scott Wilkinson

This week, Scott Wilkinson is at the "THE Show" (The Home Entertainment Show). Scott says it's a stereo home entertainment show and it's amazing just how popular stereo is. THE Show is at the Hotel Irvine and it's all about speakers, preamps, and power amps. There are also tube amps, which many love the sound of. Tube amps are very retro but the sound is fantastic. They aren't as powerful as solid state amps, though. It's all about a high resolution audio movement, which effects us more emotionally than mp3s.

Scott says that there isn't always a correlation between cost and quality. The new Andrew Jones speakers are under $100 and they sound fantastic. Vinyl and open reel tape machines are making a comeback as well. MBL's open reel tape machine sounds amazing. There's Revel speakers that are $2,000, which isn't really bad for their flagship tower speakers. Subwoofers are $1500.