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Watch Keith from Orange County, CA Comments

Keith has an first gen Nexus 7 running Android Kit Kat. The launcher crashes after quitting certain mainstream apps. Leo says that he can try a different launcher. Leo uses the Nova Launcher. Google's Launcher and Apex are good choices too. Even Microsoft has a launcher.

Leo suggests Keith try Nova Launcher first. Leo has used it on his second gen Nexus 7 with no issues on Kit Kat 4.4.4. Keith can also do a factory reset to bring it back to the original configuration. He'll also want to be sure to turn off auto downloads of MMS messages. It can cause problems with on Android.

Watch Al from Chino, CA Comments

Al recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Chrome has been giving him error messages preventing him to go to certain sites. Leo says to trust that. It's likely that the site has some malware code in it that will cause issues down the line. It could be a generic warning though. To be safe, Al shouldn't click on any links. Instead he should hover over it to see what the actual link is. It's possible to spoof a link with HTML code. In fact, Leo suggests turning off HTML in his email client. Leo suggests also using Thunderbird. It will give him the option of text only.

Watch Matthew from Burlington, Ontario, Canada Comments

Matthew is looking at the Google Nexus 5X but he's also looking at the OnePlus X. Leo says that both are good, but the Nexus 5X has the benefit of having a fingerprint reader. If he can do without that, then sure. Leo also recommends the Motorola Moto G. The One Plus Three is about to come out too, so if he can wait, it might be worth it.

Watch Nicholas from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Nicholas has a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and he's complaining that his hotspot Wi-Fi speed is too slow. Leo says that may be a limitation of the hotspot software. It could be deliberate on the part of the wireless company as well. That's why he advises getting a MiFi card as a dedicated hotspot. It's likely the carrier that's slowing him down.

Watch Joel from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Joel has a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been acting weird. His memos are now missing as well. Leo says that he may have Samsung sync turned on by mistake. If not, then it may not be possible to get his memos back. He can reset the phone though and at least get it back working like the day he bought it.

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Watch Art from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Art wants to know if he should bundle with AT&T UVerse or go with Time Warner's bundle. Leo says that generally it's better to go with cable because it's faster overall. It really comes down to how good it is in your neighborhood. Art should ask around and see what his neighbors use and like. Also, Time Warner has been sold to Charter, so it may change. If Time Warner is putting in fiber, that's even better. Another thing to consider is whether or not he'll money on the bundle.

Watch Lawrence from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Lawrence has an issue with backing up his four computer's media files. Leo advises going with network attached storage that all four computers can access, and then back that up. Most NAS servers have software which will work with a variety of off-site cloud backup services like Carbonite.

Lawrence can get a NAS server, put it in a closet, and have it set up to backup automatically. Synology is a great one that Leo likes. Netgear's ReadyNAS is another option. He could also roll his own and create one using FreeNAS, an open source NAS utility. That chatroom says that he can get a Seagate 5TB External USB 3.0 hard drive with enclosure for under $129.

Watch Avis from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Avis has a Sony LCD TV and she says that she's having trouble connecting her Bluetooth speakers and home theater to it. They work with her tablet and mobile phone, but not her Sony TV. Leo says that Sony doesn't put the A2DP Bluetooth profile in the TV OS (although this year's models do). That's probably why it can't pick it up. Also, only one device can connect to Bluetooth at a time. So she can't have it do double duty.

Leo says that if she wants multiple connections, then Sonos is a better option. They have a special setup that can do multiple Bluetooth sources. That's closer to what Avis is looking for, but they aren't cheap.

Another option is Google's Chromecast Audio.

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Watch Donald from California Comments

Donald went to a well known adult site on her iPhone, and now he believes his phone is infected. He gets a popup that says "call for Apple support" and they want $35 to fix it. Leo says it's not usually possible to hack the iPhone, so it may be a modified Safari home page instead.

Donald should go to the settings and make sure it's set to a benign home page like Google. While there, he should clear his history and website data. Then reload and see if it pops up. He should also turn on 'block cookies.' That should solve it. He can also install another browser like Chrome and see if he can replicate the problem. If not, then it's an issue in Safari and clearing the cache should fix it.

If none of that works, he can always do a factory reset.

Watch Joyce from Fort Paine, AL Comments

Joyce is thinking of buying a Chromebook. Leo says it's a great idea. Most people usually buy computers that are far too much for their every day needs and Chromebooks are powerful, more secure, and very affordable. Can she get a Chrome tablet? Leo says sure! The ASUS Chromebook Flip is a $250 and it can double as a laptop.

Watch Joe from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Joe's LG G4 has an issue where the Bluetooth keeps turning off. Leo says it sounds like a hardware issue. Doctor Mom says that unless he pairs the Bluetooth, it may just turn off automatically. Joe can't even get that far, though. Joe could just do a factory reset and see if that solves the issue. If not, then it's time to send it back.

Watch Phyllis from Studio City, CA Comments

Phyllis has an iHome radio dock that only plays FM radio. Leo says that seems to be the trend now in hardware. It saves a little money to only have one antenna. Doctor Mom says it's a dock and as such, she can stream AM radio from it through the phone. Leo recommends the iHeartRadio app and TuneIn. Both apps are free.

Check out for information about how to get the FM radio enabled on most smartphones.

Watch Judy from Sierra Madre, CA Comments

Judy has been switched to Frontier and now her landline has vanished. So she can't call out or receive calls. Is there a way she can just get her internet from a MiFi and smartphones? Leo says absolutely. The MiFi would allow her to use apps like Skype, Tango, and others to purchase minutes to call any landline using it. Then she'd have a phone number. The downside is that she won't have 911 support. So when she dials 911, she'd get a regional center and it's harder for them to find exactly where she is.

Leo says it's appalling how Frontier has handled this changeover. Leo advises writing to Mike Gatto, the Rep in LA about this. He's investigating it. She should also call the Public Utilities Commission.