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Episode 1291 May 28, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Pedro from Bronx, NY Comments

Pedro created an account at OpenDNS but it isn't working for him. Leo says that OpenDNS can protect kids with a custom "phone book" that has a list of approved domain names in it. OpenDNS can then filter out the undesired addresses that he wouldn't want. If he inputs the router server settings of OpenDNS properly, it'll filter the traffic correctly. But if his kids have figured out how to change the settings in the computer, it can override that, unless he's made the settings in the router itself. So he should check his router settings again and lock them down. He can also password protect the settings on his kid's computers.

Watch Bob from Burbank, CA Comments

Bob is having problems with his computer becoming unresponsive. It suddenly freezes up until he reboots it. Leo says that it may not be crashing for freezing at all. It may be an unresponsive mouse or keyboard. If the clock continues ticking, then it hasn't crashed. But if the clock is stuck, then the processor has halted. Even then, the processor may just be busy and he may just have to wait. He'll want to be sure it's really halted, though. If he reboots the computer in the middle of reindexing the hard drive, it could corrupt his drive. So he should just go grab a cup of coffee and then see what happens. If it's still frozen, then he'll need to move on to the next step.

It could be bad software, hardware, or heat. It's almost always a hardware issue though at that point. Leo suspects that it may be overheating. It could also be his hard drive. It may be time to back up the data, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall Windows. Leo says though that it's likely a flakey hard drive with signs of failing. Hard drives are cheap, so he can just replace it. He can also update his motherboard's BIOS. Sometimes that fixes everything. Windows 10 has a nice recovery that will get him back to a fresh state. This is also a good reason to make sure he has a backup, especially one that's off-site.

Watch Cindy from Temecula, CA Comments

Cindy is interested in dashcams. Leo says that the Wirecutter says the Z-Edge Z3 is the best. It's a great deal at $100. She also wants one forward and backward to monitor the inside of the car. Leo says that there's several models that can do that. So she should head to the Wirecutter for more guidance.

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Watch Mark from Pennsylvania Comments

Mark has been having similar issues with his computer crashing when it goes into hybrid sleep or hibernation. Leo says that hibernation has never really worked the way it's supposed to. It's just best to turn it off. Hibernation saves out the RAM and then when you turn it back on, it has to load it and often it'll crash. So just disable that option.

Watch Greg from Wisconsin Comments

Greg was watching a live video stream and got a notification to update Windows and now it's in a loop and won't update. Leo says he's seen that issue. This is a case where running the updates manually is a better option. He can set his updates to 'manual' in Windows' settings. This is a good idea especially since Windows now updates to version 10 automatically without consent.

Watch Dan from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Dan is starting to experiencing hearing loss and is researching the same Starkey Halo hearing aids that Leo has. Leo says they're great but they're not cheap. They are thousands of dollars. They're very smart and can connect to an Android phone with an app called TruLink to fine tune them.

It can also adjust hearing automatically via GPS. So if he were to go to a movie, it can change the settings. He can use the Whist app to find the necessary hearing frequencies and for those with tinnitus, it can create white noise that will mask it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Paul from Corona, CA Comments

Paul has updated to Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 on his tablet, but now he can't see any files that he's downloaded. Leo says it's likely that Paul is just looking in the wrong place and that he's actually downloaded his files and just can't see them. There are a few download files in Android, one for apps and one on your SD card. That's why Android has gotten rid of the SD card option. It's confusing. A third party file manager like Astro File Manager or ES File Manager will show you what you're looking for.

Watch Moe from California Comments

Moe's computer running Windows 7 keeps shutting down on him. Leo says that with the age of Moe's computer, the hard drive is getting unreliable. It's time to backup his hard drive and then swap it out for a new one and reinstall Windows. It may be enough just to reinstall Windows, though. Leo does this every year as "spring cleaning." It keeps it more reliable. So he should try that first. He should backup his Documents and Settings folder to get his data. Then he can format that old hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Watch Nabil from Glendale, CA Comments

Nabil wants to find an app that would be able to tell him whether or not a store has a particular item in stock. He doesn't like having to call the store and find out that way. Leo says nowadays everyone has digital inventory, and they should know exactly what's in stock. Leo had a hunch that Nabil is thinking of writing this app and wanted to check and see if anyone else has done it yet.

Leo thinks the challenge is in getting the stores to play along and give him access to their inventory system. The stores want people to come in and buy something else if that particular item isn't in stock. This would be a difficult thing to do. But he could also build in Google's Project Tango, which is GPS for inside buildings, and it could point the customer directly to where that item is in the store.

Nabil hasn't written apps before, but he could hire programmers to do it.

Watch Ryan from South Dakota Comments

Ryan wants to be able to get large printouts of Google Maps, around 60" by 50". He'd also like to fill in some ancient places for education purposes. He would have to become a developer to do this. There's an API that would allow him to tell Google Maps what he wants and what he wants to add.

Ryan can get more information on how to do this at

The chatroom came through with a simpler way to edit the maps without being a developer. Ryan can simply go to to create a map.

Watch Brian from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Brian is having an issue where his email zooms in at 300%. Leo says that many emails now use HTML code and it sounds like there's some lousy code in there that's telling his browser to zoom it in. Brian says that he can look in his browser and it opens fine. It's just in his email client. Brian can press F3 in Chrome and it will allow him to look in the code to verify if the HTML code is wonky. It's probably at the end since it loads fine at first.

Watch Brian from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Leo says there is a way to do this. The file explorer that he's using has a button that can change it. He's looking at the grid view, but there are 4 or 5 different ways to view files on Windows 10.

Watch Nicki from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Nicki saw an .exe file she didn't recognize in her system tray. Leo says that system trays hold icons of programs that are running and if she hovers over them, she should get some information. It could also be an error. It's causing security issues and Windows won't load her antivirus. It could be an infection, so she should update her antivirus or use Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Nicki also heard Leo mention Quicktime in a previous show. Leo says that Quicktime isn't being updated in Windows anymore so he recommends making sure it won't launch when she's browsing the internet. She can always play videos with VideoLan.

Should she buy a new laptop? Leo says that a Chromebook is probably a better buy for her. It's much more reliable, secure, and there's usually an alternative for many of her current programs. She can also install Ubuntu or Xubuntu on that old comptuer and it would breathe new life into it.