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Watch Malcolm from Canada Comments

Malcolm broke his laptop and instead of buying a new Windows machine, he's thinking of going with a Chromebook. Leo says that more and more software companies are putting their software online and with Google Docs in the cloud, as well as saving data to Google Drive, a Chromebook is an ideal option for most people. Dell, HP and Acer are great options for Chromebooks and some are very tough and durable. If he wants, he could even put Linux on it. That would be a little less secure, but it runs fast and gives him an alternative operating system.

Another great development is that Google is making Android apps available on Chromebooks this fall. That opens up millions of apps to be used on a chromebook.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George's Windows machine force upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft says that upgrading to Windows 10 is "normal behavior" when Automatic Updates are turned on. That will update critical updates by default. There's also 'Recommended Updates' which is also set to automatic by default. Windows 10 was set to be a recommended update, which is why it happened on George's PC.

The End User License Agreement actually pops up after the install and if the user says no, it actually uninstalls it to the previous version. If George did accept it, he still has 30 days to roll back. George should go into the the recovery options and there will be a rollback option. It doesn't always work, though, and could cause his system to be rendered unusable. He'd have to run the recovery option again from a backup recovery key or CD, but that won't work if he didn't make one.

Once George has rolled back to the previous version of Windows, he should get Never10 so it doesn't upgrade him again.

Watch Rob from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Leo says while DSL does come over the copper lines, there's no technical reason that he would need to have phone service to have DSL. Having DSL without phone service is called "Dry Loop DSL." Rob will need to talk the provider into offering it.

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Watch Steve from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steve isn't seeing much of an improvement after being upgraded to fiber optic DSL because he still has copper lines coming into his house. Leo says that Steve should ask for fiber optic directly to the house. Otherwise, it's essentially little difference. Could he upgrade it himself? That's a good question. But buying his own fiber optic switch isn't cheap.

Watch Mary from Melrose Park, PA Comments

Mary has an issue with Carbonite. It stops running during the backup of her iMac. She's uninstalled/reinstalled several times, and she's checked the firewall. Leo says that there's some sort of incompatibility going on and Carbonite should be able to walk her through it.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Ken from Rochester, NY Comments

Ken is a teacher who uses Camtasia Studio to record all his class lessons online for his students. He's tried Blab.IM and YouTube Live. Leo says that Google Hangouts is also good. They use something called WebRT which allows him to share a link for a larger number of people to watch, while having up to 10 people participating. He can also have a chatroom. Afterwards, it gets saved automatically to YouTube. It can also be watched on mobile. Hangouts is the best way to go here.

Watch Paul from La Jolla, CA Comments

Paul wants to know about Libre Office. Leo says that Libre is open source software and it's free. It has many of the same features as Microsoft Office. It's just as good, but is not as polished as Microsoft. Leo's a fan of it.

If Paul would rather have Microsoft Office, he should check out Microsoft Office Web. It's a stripped down version of Office that he can use online and it's free.

Watch Liz from New Orleans, LA Comments

Liz can't find her phone and she wonders if she can use her Amazon Echo to find it. Leo says she can. There's a capability in the phone that will cause the phone to ring so she can locate it.

She can also set up that same feature using If This Then That. There is one called Phone Finder for the Echo.

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Watch Aiden from Johanesberg, So Africa Comments

Aiden's SSD drive keeps filling up with stuff and he isn't sure what's using up space. Leo says on the Mac, he should check out Disk Inventory X. It gives him a color based representation of what's using up space and sorting by size. It even gives him the ability to move things to the trash from within the app.

There's a similar program on Windows called WinDirStat.

Watch Joe from Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Joe wants to know why his car radio doesn't have a capability like TIVO, where it can record what he's listening to and allow him to rewind it. Leo says that CCrane's CC Witness is a portable radio recorder that does that. It's $149.

Leo recommends downloading and listening to podcasts of most radio programs for free as a better alternative to this.

Watch Abraham from San Diego, CA Comments

Abraham wants to create a commercial playlist for a local TV station at his church. TWiT uses Playbox to do this. He can also just use Automator on the Mac with AppleScript.

Automator is widely used in the Mac community and can make automated scripts without a lot of programming knowledge. It's all drag and drop and easy to create a playlist. He can do it by timing, sequence etc. Abraham should check out for tips.

Watch Brad from Peoria, IL Comments

Brad has an 2012 MacBook that he added a second hard drive to. He then plugged a Logitech webcam in, and the display went blank. Leo thinks that Brad may have overloaded the power supply and overheated the motherboard. Laptops are designed with a very narrow window of power usage tolerances. A tower would've have worked better.

Watch Greg from Whittier, CA Comments

Greg's 08 MacBook Pro makes a strange noise. Now it even autotypes all by itself! Leo says it sounds like a stuck key. He should go through all the keys just to see if one of the keys is sticking a bit. It's common as keyboards get dirty.

When having an issue on a Mac, it's always a good idea to create a dummy account to see if the issue is specific to that particular user login. If the problem persists, then the issue is system wide. Next, if he has a CD or USB key with the operating system on it, he should boot to that instead and see if the problem persists. That can rule out software as the culprit.

This is why creating an image of the hard drive when everything is working properly is a good practice. That will create a "spare tire" for the computer. If something goes wrong, you can boot to that and at least have a temporary solution until you can get the real issue resolved. Super Duper from Shirt-Pocket Software is a great choice for making a bootable backup for Mac.