What cable modem should I buy?

Episode 1289 (11:57)

Steve from Beaumont, CA
ARRIS Surfboard 6141

Steve got caught up in the terrible handover from Verizon FIOS to Frontier. He cancelled his account and has decided to go with Time Warner Cable. Leo says that's the good news, that he has an alternative. All too often there's a virtual monopoly between cable providers in the area.

Leo says he's going to want to have his own router, though, and he should let the Time Warner modem just be a modem while his own router handles the security. He should also make sure that he gets a DOCSIS III modem from Time Warner. In fact, if he can, he should just buy his own modem. ARRIS is a good brand, but he's going to want to be sure what models Time Warner supports.

Steve should check out The Wire Cutter for reviews. The ARRIS Surfboard 6141 is the one they recommend.