What's a good camcorder for video podcasting?

Episode 1288 (11:16)

Isaiah from San Bernadino, CA
Canon Vixia HF

Isaiah has a video podcast and he's looking for a better camera with which to shoot not only in his studio, but also on location. Leo says that camcorders are on their way out, but they're still around. He'll want one that has live video out (via HDMI is best) that he can then connect to his PC (the HDMI port has to be on his PC as well). It really comes down to how much he'll want to spend, and if he already has a still camera, then chances are he already has a camera to do the job.

Leo says that for Google Hangouts, one challenge is that a DSLR camera can't record longer than about 29 minutes. So a camcorder is likely the best solution. Leo uses the Canon Vixia HF series.

The best site for reviews is CamcorderInfo.com

Isaiah's show is called "This Podcast is About Stuff."