Should I buy a new iPad?

Episode 1287 (1:25:11)

Cricket from Santa Barbara, CA
Apple iPad Pro Family

Cricket has an old iPad and wants to know if she needs to upgrade to a new one or if she can upgrade to iOS 8. Leo says that everything from the iPad 2 and newer can run iOS 8 and it should run fine. Should she buy a new one though? Leo says not really. Apple is having issues selling iPads now because people just don't feel it necessary to buy a new one once they buy one. Sure, she can get a new one if she wants, but she doesn't need to. She should just go into settings and tap on Software Update.

What's the difference between reconditioned or refurbished? Leo says they're basically the same thing, except she'll want to be sure she gets them from the original manufacturer. Only buy a refurbed iPhone from Apple, for instance. That way she'll get a warranty.