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Watch Connie from Chippewa Falls, WI Comments

Connie has her iTunes music on an external hard drive and once she's copied it over to the computer, she unplugs it and the music disappears. Leo says that's a preference issue in iTunes. She'll want to look where her iTunes Media folder is in the preference settings. iTunes may be looking for it in the external location.

Connie can reset it or check "Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized," and check the box that says "Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder" when adding a library. Those two need to be enabled. Then she can import her music. It will then rebuild her iTunes library on her PC, not the external drive.

Watch John from Tustin, CA Comments

John needs a camera that will take better video in low light. Leo says that smartphones aren't really known for having good low light performance, but they are getting better. A camera will perform a lot better, especially if it has a larger chip. Full frame 35mm are the best in low light, but it's also a lens speed issue. The lower the f-stop rating, the faster the lens.

The Sony RX100/B is $498 on Amazon. The Sony A7S is also a good mirrorless DSLR that can take a picture with one candle and get a great image.

Watch Tim from Moorpark, CA Comments

Tim wants an email service that allows him to be anonymous. Leo says that ProtonMail is in Switzerland and they offer this service, but they will expect a secondary email address. Another option is Hushmail. It's not a free service, though.

Tim should remember that even with anonymous email, they still do have his IP address. And if someone really wants to find him, it's pretty hard to be invisible on the internet.

Watch Scott from Lawndale, CA Comments

Scott's daughter wants a camera with a flip out screen so she can look at the viewfinder image while she's recording for her YouTube channel. A lot of camcorders do that. Some DSLRs do it, but they may not go all the way around.

Scott should check out the Nikon D5500 and the Canon Rebel series. The Canon Rebel T6i turns the LCD all the way around and are very affordable, $500-700.

This article from VloggerPro has the "Six Best Vlogging Cameras."

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Watch Laurie from Oceanside, CA Comments

Laurie wants to conduct an online bible study with small audiences of up to 10 people. Leo says that Google Hangouts tops out at eight people, so that's pretty good. It also switches between active speakers automatically, and it's free. is designed for hundreds of people. It's a bit more sophisticated, but it's not free. It's about $89 a month. WebRTC is a new browser protocol that is the easiest way for those Laurie wants to invite. Jitsi is another solution with multi party video conferencing. They offer no technical limit, and there is a free version.

(Disclaimer: Citrix is a sponsor)

Watch Doug from Salt Lake City, UT Comments

Doug uses Verizon wireless for his home Wi-Fi and he's rather shocked in how much he's been using the last few days. He's only really checking email and such. Leo says that in Windows 10, under the control panel, there is a data usage tab on the Network and Internet. It'll show him how much data has been used and which app has been using it. This can help narrow it down. He should also check his browser history. And he shouldn't leave his browser open if his computer is left on.

He can also set his Windows settings to a "Metered Connection." He'll need to go into settings in the Network and Internet Control Panel. Then in Advanced Options he can set it as a Metered Connection. Then he can set a limit. He should also check his browser extensions. There may be something running in the background. It could also be a timed cloud backup. Open browsers will also use a lot of data because the advertising is cycling over time. Ultimately, the best thing is to shut down the PC.

Watch Cricket from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Cricket has an old iPad and wants to know if she needs to upgrade to a new one or if she can upgrade to iOS 8. Leo says that everything from the iPad 2 and newer can run iOS 8 and it should run fine. Should she buy a new one though? Leo says not really. Apple is having issues selling iPads now because people just don't feel it necessary to buy a new one once they buy one. Sure, she can get a new one if she wants, but she doesn't need to. She should just go into settings and tap on Software Update.

What's the difference between reconditioned or refurbished? Leo says they're basically the same thing, except she'll want to be sure she gets them from the original manufacturer. Only buy a refurbed iPhone from Apple, for instance. That way she'll get a warranty.

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Watch Mike from Denver, CO Comments

Mike has an LG G10 phone and it keeps bugging him about updating. He's been waiting, though, to make sure that Marshmallow is OK. Leo says it's fine, and he should go ahead and update. The battery life improvements alone make it worth it.

Mike is also waiting to upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says he'll have until July 29th to get the free upgrade, but if he has Windows 7, it's a harder choice. He could do the update to get it free forever, and then downgrade within 30 days. But he's qualified to go back to Windows 10 anytime after that. So he should upgrade now, and then can choose to downgrade within the next 30 days if he doesn't want to keep it.

Watch Jeff from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

Jeff upgraded Windows 10 but his password doesn't work when his computer goes to sleep. He wakes it up and it won't unlock. But he can put in a random password and it works! Shut down doesn't work. Leo says that Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock can be accidentally hit and it'll lock him out because he's not actually typing it correctly. Restarting will reset the state of the locked buttons. Leo says just to start over and re-upgrade. But since it's a new computer, it may be wise to just return it and get a different one. Something is flakey. He should restore his OS and backup his data.

Watch Isaac from Covina, CA Comments

Isaac is a teacher and the district is buying their school Chromebooks. How can he manage and monitor them? Leo says that Google has an education program and they likely have an extension that will handle it. There's also Go Guardian, which would let teachers monitor Chromebooks in real time.

NetSupport School has a Chromebook extension for monitoring as well. is a great site for Chromebook tips for teachers. They have a great article on Chromebook tips every teacher should know.

Leo says that Chromebooks are ideal for education because they are low cost and are extremely secure.

Watch Matt from Pasadena, CA Comments

Matt has a regular subscription to Carbonite with one computer, and a second account which includes his external drive. It hasn't backed up everything on his 2 TB hard drive after two months. Leo says that's not unusual. Upload speeds are a lot slower than downloads. It can't use the entire speed either, otherwise it would shut down everything else online. It gently backs up, and if he does the math, it would take many months to back up photos. Once it's done with that original backup, then it just backs up the changes. That's why Leo recommends not backing up everything, just data. Matt should also upload his images to other sources like Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon Cloud storage.