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Episode 1286 May 8, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Gordon from California Comments

Gordon's Samsung Galaxy S5 is about 1 1/2 years old. The battery life is terrible now, and it's really sluggish. Leo says that at this point, a factory reset is the best bet in getting the phone back to its original configuration. Think of it as a spring cleaning.

As for battery life, a lithium ion battery only has about 500 charge cycles before it dies, so it may be getting close to the end of it's useful life. Time to get a new phone. Leo suggests the LG G5 because he can get a removable battery and expandable storage. But if he wants to get a Galaxy S7, the battery is really good. It's definitely better than the S5, which Leo said was a failure of a phone.

Watch Christa from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Christa has a bunch of photos that she's backed up to the cloud and to her external hard drive. But now on the cloud, her Picture Life backup has disappeared because the company was sold. What are her alternatives to back up?

Leo says that Amazon Prime members get unlimited storage. Google Photos will store them for free. Leo recommends both. Google's is a slightly lesser quality, but the search options are great. Christa should get another hard drive to replace the hard drive that went bad and clone her only backup. Always use more than one backup option. Leo also says to take her best images and have them printed. As Christa learned when one of her hard drives failed, she'll never know when that backup could fail.

Watch Marty from Santa Maria, CA Comments

Marty bought an Amazon Fire TV and he wants to use a Bluetooth keyboard remote with it. It comes with a dongle that he needs to plug into the FireTV. Leo says that the Fire TV has bluetooth, so he may not need the dongle for it to work. He can just put both the keyboard and the Fire TV into pairing mode and they should pair. He'll know he's in pairing mode when the light goes from solid to blinking on each. One it pairs, it'll go solid again. If the TV asks for a code, the default is '0000.' He should look in the manual for another code if needed.

Watch Alan from Brea, CA Comments

Alan is having an issue with his new phone where he tries to use OK Google and he can only do it once, then it ignores him. Leo says that's an odd behavior. If he sees a wavy line, the phone is listening. But if it doesn't hear him to begin with, it may be a conflict between OK Google and Samsung's S Voice feature. Leo recommends going into settings to disable it or make it not active. It's likely that the Google Voice recognition and Samsung voice recognition are in conflict.

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Watch Mark from Silverlake, CA Comments

Mark got a new Google Nexus 5X and Sprint says they don't have that phone on their network. Leo says to just ignore that. All services have converted over to LTE and as such, they all have SIM cards. So if he gets a SIM card from them, it should work.

It's also odd because Sprint even shows how to program the 5X on their website! He may have to do some additional configuration of the data profile within the 5X. Mark should check out this tech note at on how to do it.

Another possibility is that the radio frequency may not match.

Watch Audry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Audry has an old HP desktop running Windows 7, but after a power outage, her computer won't turn on. She even had a surge protector. Leo says that even the best surge protectors won't protect against huge power surges. But it may also be that when the power came back on, it jumped across the surge protector in a rush. It could also be that the power supply shorted out. Leo recommends replacing it. A surge protector also has a fuse and if the fuse popped, then nothing will work until she pops them in. Leo suspects the power supply just blew out.

Watch Donavan from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Donovan recently received an iMac from 2006 and just got it upgraded to OS X Lion. He would like to mirror his MacBook Pro so he doesn't have to pull it out all the time. Donovan should check out and it will tell him the most recent version of the OS that his Mac will support. But OS X uses VNC to do it.

Watch Lane from Signal Hill, CA Comments

Lane bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 for the video because it doesn't shut off after 4GB, it just starts a new video file. So he bought a pair of 125GB microSD cards to write to. Leo says it's the greatest phone ever with great video and it record almost indefinitely.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Frank from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Frank's cable company was taken over by Frontier from Verizon and it has constant outages that drive him nuts. Leo says it's gotten so bad that they're having hearings about it! Frank wants to change, but what are his options? Leo says that he probably won't have a choice for telephone, but he can change his internet service. He will have other TV options as well because he can always go with satellite or even Time Warner Cable. In fact, he can switch to Time Warner for all three and his phone number may be portable. Time Warner wants his business, so he should try to call them.

Watch Mike from Rockland, CA Comments

Mike is having an issue where Windows is just flickering. All he can do is shut down and reboot. It could be a bad update, so Leo recommends downloading a clean build of Windows 10 from Micorosoft with the Media Creator Tool. It will build him a key that he can put on USB and then wipe his hard drive and start over. That could fix it. If it doesn't, his computer may not be compatible and he may need to install Windows 8 instead. If that doesn't fix it, then there's a hardware issue. But a clean install should solve the problem.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam says it's time to get a new computer, and wants to know if he can bring along his old hard drive and put it in. His hard drive is pretty new, so can he swap one hard drive out and plug another in and start it up and get working? Leo says that would be nice, but it doesn't work that way. The Windows OS will look for the motherboards and chipsets and if it doesn't find that, it will have issues.

Leo advises deleting all the devices in his old computer and then shut it down. When he swaps out the hard drives, Windows should install all the drivers for the new hardware configuration. He should also make sure he installs all the latest drivers for the new computer. Once he has all that done, it should work. It will be a journey, though. Microsoft will have a hiccup on which computer the operating system is on and if it doesn't see it, he'll have to call Microsoft and explain that to re-register the computer.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay wants to test his HDMI signal strength because he can't use his Mac with his TV. Monoprice has an HDMI tester. Leo thinks it's more likely a cable compatibility issue, though. He'll need to have the most recent HDMI spec and if his Mac is too old, that could be the issue. Apple doesn't want to really support copy protection issues.

Watch Roland from Kansas Comments

Roland wants to know how he can print his playlist on iTunes. Leo says that iTunes can print either an album list, CD case insert or music list. There's not much choice of the format and he'll end up with a lot of data he may not want. If he could export it into a CSV and then insert it into a spreadsheet, he can choose what he wants.

To export the playlist, he should go to File > Library > Export Playlist. Choose plain text document. Then he can import that into a spreadsheet.

Watch Mike from Georgia Comments

Mike is trying to edit a video with his tablet and it says his file is too large, even though he only needs a small portion. Leo suggests restarting the tablet and make the editor the first thing he runs. If that doesn't work, it is probably a limitation of the app itself. Other Android video editing programs AndroiVid, Viddy, Adromeda Video Editor, and Video Editor Pro, but VidTrim may be the best since all he's doing is trimming.