Why does my computer keep losing access to my hard drives?

Episode 1285 (1:20:08)

Bill from Glendora, CA

Bill's hard drives keep disappearing from his computer. After he reboots, it'll say "fixing disk," and will be there for about 10 minutes before it disappears again. His SSD boot drive works fine, though. Leo says there are a lot of things it could be including hardware and cabling. He should go and look to see how its setup in BIOS. It should be something wrong with AHCI or a driver issue. Since he built the computer himself, there's no one he can call for help. Then again, the support from the major companies isn't helpful anyway. He says he didn't notice these problems until after upgrading to Windows 10. Leo says he could try rolling it back and see if the problems exist there. If it works fine in Windows 7, then maybe there's a driver in Windows 10 that he doesn't have.