What computer should I buy?

Episode 1285 (19:12)

Russell from Phoenix, AZ

Russell has been "banned" by HP from being able to buy a computer anymore because he complained about a broken computer they had sent him. Leo says that the PCs from HP have improved since 5 years ago. The ban is still in place, though. Leo says he's never heard of that before. It's odd, but he should just take his business elsewhere! Leo says that Dell is very good. The customer service has fallen since prices have dropped, but the computers are still very good. He should want to get a higher end model. He shouldn't be spending any less than $800 because the lower the price, the cheaper they are in quality.

If he's on a budget, then perhaps a Chromebook is a better option for Russell. He can get an outstanding Chromebook for around $500, which is good enough for most people.