Is it safe to be on the internet with Windows XP?

Episode 1285 (1:29:33)

Anne from Orange County, CA

Anne got an HP Envy wireless printer. Can she use it with an XP Machine? She keeps getting a popup asking for a driver update for something called "Slim Cleaner." Leo says that XP is a security issue because Microsoft has stopped supporting it. There are no fixes for it, and newer hardware won't work quite right with it because manufacturers don't expect people to use it with such old computers. Leo would not recommend banking on an XP machine. When she bought Slim Cleaner, someone actually took over her computer as well. So now there's no way to know exactly what they may have done. The best case scenario is that they got her money. The worst case scenario is that they got her credit card number, and put something on her computer that will continue to make money on her one way or another.

At this point, Anne should reinstall Windows and start over. The best thing at this point for Anne is to stop using that old computer or disconnect it from the internet. She should do the banking on the Mac that she just got. She should change that bank password immediately. She should keep an eye on her credit card as well. It's too risky to use a Windows XP machine online at this point. If she's online, use the Mac.