Where can I get a good lavalier microphone?

Episode 1283 (50:08)

Larry from Petaluma, CA
Audio Technica AT898 lavalier mic

Larry would like to have a lavalier microphone for his Canon Vixia. He doesn't want a wireless one. Leo says it's a good idea to start with a wired lav mic because he won't run into interference. He'll also want a unidirectional mic in order to filter out all the ambient noise coming from where he is recording. The downside is that if the mic gets off axis, he'll have to adjust it. So he'll want to constantly monitor the audio to be sure that the mic is aimed properly.

Leo uses the Audio Technica AT898 Lavalier mics. The Pro 70 is a bit cheaper. They're not cheap, but he really won't want to skimp on audio. In fact, in many ways audio is much more important than video in a project.

Shure is a good brand to look at too, and they're more affordable. Leo recommends going to a broadcast supply place or B&H Photo. They focus on devices for production. He won't really pay much more either, if any. The only thing he'll save on at Amazon is Prime shipping. It's better to go with a pro supplier. Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW) and Sweetwater are also alternatives.