Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1283 (18:58)

So the Jungle Book came out and Leo says it's fantastic. But they made the deliberate choice to make a combination live action for the human actors, and then CGI for the rest of the animals in the Jungle. The reason is something called "the uncanny valley," which states that as humans, we are so fine tuned to how a human being should look and if it's the slightest bit off, we instantly see how fake it is. We don't get that with animals or other animated characters. So in the Jungle Book, it completely works.

There's also a 360° Google Cardboard version of a few scenes of the Jungle Book that Leo says can lead to a path of virtual reality cinema. Scott says that is the biggest challenge to telling a story in VR. Scott says he experienced The Martian in VR at NAB and he simply wasn't impressed because he could see pixels and it takes you right out of the experience. It has to be super high resolution and until it does, VR simply won't be a thing.

IMAX is installing laser IMAX in VR in San Francisco and Scott says it's about as close to Dolby Vision as you can get in 3D. It's brighter, has far better dynamic range, and the 3D is completely different, called Spectral Generation 3D.