How can I convert old video tapes?

Episode 1283 (1:04:25)

Steve from Irvine, CA
Grass Valley ADVC110

Steve wants to do some video conversion of some old VHS and Hi8 mm video tapes. What does he need to get in order to convert them? Leo says he'll have to have the player to play it back. But really, Leo says to send it to a service and let them do it. When he factors in equipment and his time, it's not really worth it to do it on his own. They will also clean up the image and make sure the tapes can translate properly. Leo recommends

If he does want to do it himself here's what he'll need:

  1. Any modern computer with an i5 or i7 will work. The more powerful the processor, the faster it can convert and transcode. But it's up to Steve's budget. The key here is a fast digital interface like USB3 or Firewire.
  2. Grass Valley AVDC Video converter, which can take the analog signal and convert it to digital. Hauppauge makes a good analog to digital converter as well.