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Watch Mike from Portland, MN Comments

Mike uses Thunderbird with POP3 and wonders if he should use IMAP. He doesn't know anything about it, though. Leo says that Thunderbird is the best email client out there and Leo uses IMAP with it. POP (post office protocol) will download his email and then remove it from the servers. IMAP, by contrast, will allow him to see the email and keep copies of it on the server. This is beneficial because people use more than one computer and mobile phone.

Mike has learned that keeping the battery charged all the time helps him to get longer life out of the battery, and he's discovered that the $99 iPhone battery case is worth the cost just for that.

Watch Fred from Temecula, CA Comments

Fred has written a batch file that will check IDs for his clients. But he's not a fan of batch files and would prefer an EXE. Leo says he can get a batch file compiler that can turn his batch file into an EXE file, but at this stage, using Python or Ruby to do what he wants to do is probably a batter way to go. That way he can compile it and turn it into an installable file. It'll also be more compatible. PowerShell is another option for Windows only users.

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Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry would like to have a lavalier microphone for his Canon Vixia. He doesn't want a wireless one. Leo says it's a good idea to start with a wired lav mic because he won't run into interference. He'll also want a unidirectional mic in order to filter out all the ambient noise coming from where he is recording. The downside is that if the mic gets off axis, he'll have to adjust it. So he'll want to constantly monitor the audio to be sure that the mic is aimed properly.

Leo uses the Audio Technica AT898 Lavalier mics. The Pro 70 is a bit cheaper. They're not cheap, but he really won't want to skimp on audio. In fact, in many ways audio is much more important than video in a project.

Shure is a good brand to look at too, and they're more affordable. Leo recommends going to a broadcast supply place or B&H Photo. They focus on devices for production. He won't really pay much more either, if any. The only thing he'll save on at Amazon is Prime shipping. It's better to go with a pro supplier. Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW) and Sweetwater are also alternatives.

Watch Rene from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Comments

Rene wants to get a copy of Office 2010 and she doesn't want to download it. Leo says that downloading it from Microsoft is completely safe, but she'll need a key to get it. So if work will give her a key, that would be a good thing, and they probably have a business license. She doesn't want the new 2016 version, she wants the older version. Leo says that she can buy Office 2010 at Best Buy. Tiger Direct still sells it also. Amazon still offers the home and student edition.

She should look for Mister Excel online, he does the best tutorials and workshops on Office, especially Excel. And she can get the newer version, which is not all that different.

Watch Steve from Irvine, CA Comments

Steve wants to do some video conversion of some old VHS and Hi8 mm video tapes. What does he need to get in order to convert them? Leo says he'll have to have the player to play it back. But really, Leo says to send it to a service and let them do it. When he factors in equipment and his time, it's not really worth it to do it on his own. They will also clean up the image and make sure the tapes can translate properly. Leo recommends

If he does want to do it himself here's what he'll need:

  1. Any modern computer with an i5 or i7 will work. The more powerful the processor, the faster it can convert and transcode. But it's up to Steve's budget. The key here is a fast digital interface like USB3 or Firewire.
  2. Grass Valley AVDC Video converter, which can take the analog signal and convert it to digital. Hauppauge makes a good analog to digital converter as well.
Watch Joan from Anaheim, CA Comments

Joan uses Gmail for her webmail. It keeps asking her if she wants to save her password. Leo says that sounds like her browser is doing that, and she's using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Leo recommends Google Chrome because both Microsoft browsers have the ability to save the password, but it's not encrypted or protected. It sounds like it's not even doing that, though.

Joan should go into her browser settings and disable the setting to ask to save passwords. Leo also recommends using a password vault like LastPass or < href="" target="_blank">1Password.

Watch Pete from Quinton Township, MI Comments

Pete wants to get his email downloaded off of Yahoo since he heard they're selling off their email. There are backup strategies, including a "backup my email" option from Yahoo. Thunderbird is a good email program to download, and he can get his email downloaded that way as well. He'll just need to turn on POP email. When he uses POP mail, it will download the email from the server and store it locally. Thunderbird stores it in mbox format, which is a plain text format, so he could actually just open an mbox file and read his email. This is a good way to backup email.

Watch Bonnie from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bonnie wants to know why the user interface of LastPass had suddenly changed. Leo says its a good question, and programs do this all of the time to keep them up to date. Leo says a password vault is kind of a special thing, something that people need to trust. LastPass had been sold from an individual to LogMeIn about 6 months ago. One of the reasons he did it is because LogMeIn has more resources, and one of the things LogMeIn paid to do was update it to something more elegant. Bonnie can go back to the old style, however. Under her account settings in the upper righthand corner, she can click to toggle off LastPass 3. They only offer this option in Chrome, not Firefox, though.

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Watch Joe from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Joe got an email from himself today and he checked his Gmail sent box and it was there. Leo says that's an indication that someone actually got into his account. Leo recommends changing the password immediately and enabling 2nd factor authentication. There's also a link at the bottom of his Gmail account that will tell him where his account is being accessed. He should check that as well. He can also go to and see what programs he's given access to. Then he can disable any program he doesn't recognize.

Watch Rich from Westville, IL Comments

Rich is looking to upgrade his 2005 iMac to process videos with Final Cut Pro. Leo says that Final Cut will use the Graphics Processor Unit to render, so he'll want to get not only a faster Intel processor, but a faster video card.

The new iMac has a gorgeous screen, but he may get more benefit out of a Mac Pro since it has dual graphics cards and a Xenon processor. Since Rich wants to shoot 360° video, it'll take about 4 hours for every minute shot to encode and process it.

Watch Deborah from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Deborah wants needs a database and wants to be able to have a limited number of people in the company to share it. Microsoft Office can do it, but it usually uses a locally run Exchange server.

Leo suggests looking at this tech note from Leo suggests creating a spreadsheet and then see if it can break. Leo did it with Google Docs and they got 150 current users before it started to refuse connections. So Google Docs would work as well.

Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul wants to buy a new TV. Is it a good time for that? Leo says yes. The new models are now out and he can get a great deal on last year's model. But Vizio has also announced the P-Series, which supports the new UltraHD Premium standard with 4K, HDR, and great dynamic range and color gamut.