What are the best battery powered security cameras?

Episode 1282 (11:48)

Daniel from Las Vegas, NV
Netgear VueZone Wire-free Video Monitoring System

Daniel wants to know about wireless home security cameras. He's looking for a good 5GHz camera that can be battery powered. Leo says that battery powered cameras aren't always on -- they use motion detection.

NetGear's VueZone is a good brand. 5GHz, on the other hand, isn't as good as 2.4GHz, even though it's less congested. The higher you go in frequency, the more likely the signal will bounce around and get interference. The batteries do last for a year in those cameras, though.

There's a ton of other options though. Ring is getting into it with their StickUp camera for $200. It has motion capture as well. Another is Foscam.

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