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Watch Daniel from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Daniel wants to know about wireless home security cameras. He's looking for a good 5GHz camera that can be battery powered. Leo says that battery powered cameras aren't always on -- they use motion detection.

NetGear's VueZone is a good brand. 5GHz, on the other hand, isn't as good as 2.4GHz, even though it's less congested. The higher you go in frequency, the more likely the signal will bounce around and get interference. The batteries do last for a year in those cameras, though.

There's a ton of other options though. Ring is getting into it with their StickUp camera for $200. It has motion capture as well. Another is Foscam.

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Watch Brennon from Dallas, TX Comments

Brennon wants to learn how to program. Leo says learning how to write computer code will give him a deeper understanding on how computers work. This will take him from being merely a consumer, to being a maker. Minecraft can be a fun way to learn programming. He can even do it with a Raspberry Pi for $35. It comes with the software used to write programs and he can do it inside of Minecraft.

A great book is Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson.

Leo encourages Brennon to learn Linux. Raspbian is a good place to start, and Python is a good first language to learn. Ultimately, he shouldn't just learn how to tell a computer what to do, he'll want to learn how to express problems and solve them.

Watch Shelia from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Shelia has a Kindle Fire tablet, but it doesn't hold a charge. Given the age of her tablet, Leo says that the battery is just worn out. Lithium ion batteries have a limited charging life, about 500 cycles. Once she's gone past that, she'll begin to see battery failure. She could try to contact Amazon and see if they can replace the battery. But she shouldn't spend a lot, as a new Kindle Fire is only $60.

Watch Mark from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Mark upgraded to Windows 10 and now it won't go to sleep. Leo suggests going into the BIOS settings and making sure "wake on LAN" is turned off. It's also possible that the ACPI isn't working.

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Watch Cam from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Cam has an Arris Wi-Fi router hardwired into his computer, but he can't modify the settings. Leo says he should be able to. He should call the cable company and ask them for the password to access the router. Or, instead of using their router, ask them what third party routers they will support and he can buy his own. He'll want a DOCSIS III.

Check out this app: Snoop Snitch in the Google Play store. It will tell him how secure his router is.

Watch Paul from Louisville, CA Comments

Paul has a Ring Doorbell and an Arlo motion detection camera connected to his mobile phone. The problem is that the Ring notification is so brief, he misses it. Can he use a watch to get a better notification? Leo says it's very annoying that you can't customize the Ring notification, especially if more than one person in the office has it. The Ring works with the Apple Watch and it would give him haptic feedback that buzzes his wrist. He'd feel it, but it's also distracting. The Galaxy Gear S2 would also be good if he's on Android.

PadreSJ says the Ditto Bluetooth device is wrist wearable and it's a silent alarm for the smartphone.

Can he put custom firmware on an Asus router? Leo says he can put Tomato on it and if it's a newer one, he can use DD-WRT.

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Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Leo says that the Google tablets would be updated first, but frankly, it seems that Google's Nexus 7 and 9 have been somewhat abandoned with no updates in the last few years. He's concerned, though, that he won't be able to use LTE on AT&T. Leo says he'll want to make sure it shares the same band as AT&T supports. The Google Nexus 9 does support every frequency but 700mhz. Leo says that was a recent development and it's what he'll want.

LG's 10:1 is pretty good, and it also has a wide screen. Leo likes a more square 4:3 aspect. The Pixel C is nice, but more expensive. Leo says to get the Nexus 9. If he buys the tablet from AT&T, he should remember that he'll be locked into a contract. He may want to wait and see what Google announces at its Google I/O conference in May.

Watch Stacey from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Stacey has a Dell Inspiron running Windows 7. Can she upgrade it to Windows 10? Leo says yes, and she can do it for free through July 29th. She should wait until she gets the invitation, that means her hardware is compatible. If she missed it, she can download and install the Windows 10 ISO file. Then she can enter in the Windows 7 serial number when she installs it.

Leo recommends installing fresh on a formatted hard drive. Going from 32 bit to 64 bit is a bit tricky, though. Microsoft has a document on how to do this at

Watch Rich from Placerville, CA Comments

Rich wants to know if Webroot is a good antivirus utility. Leo says that Webroot is good, and they're a sponsor. They offer additional protections because they're cloud based. But he really doesn't need it. Windows has its own antivirus called Defender that's quite good. Also, the state of malware is such that most occur as 'zero day exploits' which an antivirus can't catch. But Webroot will protect him for the most part. He should remember that his number one defense is his online behavior.

Watch Joe from Thomasville, GA Comments

Joe's wife can't remember the login on her old Windows computer. Leo says that on older Windows Vista computers, security isn't as good as it is now. There used to be a hidden administrator account. Leo recommends trying "administrator" or "admin" with blank password. If that works, she can get in and create a new account to move her stuff over too. There are also programs that she can run that can crack the password. NT Crack is one. But to use it for college? A Chromebook would be a better choice for under $300.

Joe also wants to know if Android TV supports talkback. Leo says yes it is, and it's a nice accessibility feature.

Watch Michael from Anaheim, CA Comments

Michael is getting a lot of phone calls from overseas being told that he needs to upgrade Windows. Leo says it's a scam. Microsoft will never call him. These calls are trying to get people to sign up for a support contract and even worse, they could install malware on his system if he falls for it.

Watch Anthony from Dana Point, CA Comments

Anthony has to change careers and is looking to get into programming. What program should he start with first: Ruby or Python? Leo says that Ruby on Rails is a good place to start. It'll help him to learn the basics of programs. He should get a Linux box and learn Python. There's plenty of free resources. He should check out Code Academy. It's a great place to learn. And if he learns the basics, each new language becomes easier.