What tablet is best to replace my laptop?

Episode 1281 (32:03)

Terry from Apple Valley, CA
Apple iPad Pro

Terri is going to a conference and wants to bring a tablet to replace her laptop. How can she replace it without paying for an iPad Pro? Leo says that Samsung makes a tablet, the 8" or a 9.7" Galaxy Tab S2, for around $400. And she can use a third party bluetooth keyboard so she doesn't have to pay a lot. Terri can also sync it with her Note IV.

The iPad Pro is the gold standard, though, and Leo uses it often as a replacement for his laptop. But when you add the keyboard and Apple Pencil, you're almost at $1,000. Terri can save some money by getting the 10" iPad Pro, rather than the 13". She should go to an Apple Store and see which one is more comfortable for her. With the app Notability, she can handwrite notes. Also, Editorial, which supports screenplay, todo lists, and markup.