Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1281 (1:04:28)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet and his wife traveled back to the US, and now his wife has a green card to stay in the US for as long as she wants. Which is important because she's going to have a baby!

Website for people who have mobility difficulties - ACComable. It's a listing of hotels, AirBnBs, canal boats, and other travel options that accomodate those with mobility issues.

App of the week - FlyOver Country for iOS and Android. It will allow you to follow your flight using your phone. You just precache the maps for your flight and then it uses the GPS to chart your flight. And it will give you points of interest as you fly. It's good for North America, but soon to be worldwide.

Travel Tips - Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America and there's scams out there saying that they're giving away free tickets. It's a scam though and usually causes malware to be installed on your computer. So don't fall for it.