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Watch Darlene from Seattle, WA Comments

Darlene has over 6,000 images on her phone. She's been backing them up to Google Photos, and when she signed up for iCloud Photos, it put all 6,000 images back on her phone! Leo says she can turn off the iCloud photo library, but at least leave the Photo Stream turned on. That will erase all of them from her phone. Amazon Prime is another good option for storing photos, as is Yahoo's Flickr, which offers 1TB of free storage.

Watch Terry from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Terri is going to a conference and wants to bring a tablet to replace her laptop. How can she replace it without paying for an iPad Pro? Leo says that Samsung makes a tablet, the 8" or a 9.7" Galaxy Tab S2, for around $400. And she can use a third party bluetooth keyboard so she doesn't have to pay a lot. Terri can also sync it with her Note IV.

The iPad Pro is the gold standard, though, and Leo uses it often as a replacement for his laptop. But when you add the keyboard and Apple Pencil, you're almost at $1,000. Terri can save some money by getting the 10" iPad Pro, rather than the 13". She should go to an Apple Store and see which one is more comfortable for her. With the app Notability, she can handwrite notes. Also, Editorial, which supports screenplay, todo lists, and markup.

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Watch Tony from Oklahoma Comments

Tony wants to connect his mobile phone to his TV inside his semi truck. How can he connect it? Leo says that before the Note V, he could get an MHL adapter to connect via HDMI. But Samsung dropped that feature with the Note V, and he'd need a smartphone that supports it. The Galaxy S7, by contrast, does. Samsung does sell an MHL to HDMI adapter which should work for it.

Chromecast may still be able to do it, as a recent update allows users to connect their mobile device directly to Chromecast without a Wi-Fi connection through mirroring. Chromecasts cost $35.

The chatroom found an article at on how to do this.

Watch Jeff from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jeff wants to know more about Sony Digital Paper. Leo says it uses e-ink, and while it has extremely long battery life, it has traditionally had a problem with latency. Sony has a video that shows it keeping up with handwriting, so maybe they've overcome the latency issues. At $800, though, it's a bit pricey. But if it does what Jeff needs, being a digital yellow pad, then perhaps it'll be worth it.

Jeff should check out this YouTube review.

Watch Tarino from Highland Park, CA Comments

Tarino is in the market for a new computer and wants to know what Leo thinks about the HP Envy All-in-One PC with 34" Curved screen. Leo says it's gorgeous. At $1500, it seems high, but the screen alone is $800. And it's extremely wide. So Leo says it looks like a good deal. It's not the fastest computer on the market, but it's a neat screen.

Watch Steven from San Diego, CA Comments

Steven has an old Nokia phone that he's been using for awhile, but now Sprint is going to stop supporting it. He was looking at phones that have SD cards, but can he connect to an external drive via USB? Leo says not really. There are phones that can use SD cards up to 200GB, though.

He could go with a small Samsung Galaxy Tab. It would be like a giant smartphone with a 3G connection. The Galaxy Note IV is ideal because it has a removable SD card and battery, so he can then swap out the battery when he's running low on power. Or, he could get the Samsung Galaxy S7. It's not cheap at $800, but it will get the job done.

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Watch Dennis from Valencia, CA Comments

Dennis was into computer flight simulators, and he's wondering if virtual reality will be the next great thing in flight sims. Leo says virtual reality will be more immersive and give him a better experience of what it's like to fly. But to use a VR headset like the Oculus, he'd also have to upgrade his computer. So he's talking about $2200 to get the experience he wants. Leo says that VR is an amazing experience. Although it's in its early days, it will get better.

Watch AJ from Los Angeles, CA Comments

AJ opened up a laptop he hadn't used in awhile and all of his music and pictures were corrupted. A popup actually said the disk couldn't be read, and must be formatted. He tried to recover it. Why did it become corrupt? Leo says that hard drives die, and that's why you need a 3-2-1 backup strategy. 3 copies, on two different formats, with one off site.

Leo recommends using SpinRite to repair the hard drive. It does a low level recovery by moving data off damaged sectors, and it won't stop until it does. It could be his computer's operating system as well, so he should try plugging the hard drive into another computer.

Watch Reisel from California Comments

Proxies are usually used by companies to see what you're doing. And if you're getting the popup, that means you may have been infected or compromised. Leo recommends Reisel back up his data. He could just turn proxy off, but he won't know if his system had been compromised, so it's best to format the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and then run updates.

Watch Randy from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Randy forgot his iPhone password. What can he do? Leo says to go to the Apple Store. They can't unlock it, but they can reset it. He'll lose everything on it, but at least he won't have to buy a new phone. He'll need to provide proof of purchase, however. If he has his Apple ID, he'll at least be able to restore the data from iCloud.