Why can't I use my new Apple TV?

Episode 1279 (36:14)

Otto from Oceanside, CA
Apple TV

Otto bought a 4th generation Apple TV, but when he launched Hulu, he doesn't get to watch the content because it blacks out. This also happens on HBO and Netflix. When he plugs in the older Apple TV, it works just fine. Leo says it could be an issue with the HDMI cable or even the port not supporting the new Apple TV. Leo also says it may be a copy protection issue through HDCP with his TV and the premium copy protected content. The TV may be misinterpreting the signal as well since Otto is using multiple HDMI inputs. If that's the case, running it through an AV receiver could fix it and give him the benefit of better sound.

The chatroom found a solution on idownloadblog.com. It's in remote and devices. He should turn off Control TVs and Receivers.