What's a good projector for outdoor movies?

Episode 1279 (1:44:09)

John from Menifee, CA

John is looking to get a projector for home theater that he can use outdoors and he's been looking at the specs, like Lumens. Leo says that specs can sometimes be used against him because of how a company measures those specs. Lumens are a perfect example. Many measure based on the color white, but others measure across the entire spectrum. But he'll also want to measure "throw," or how far it will send out the image and stay in focus. He should also consider sound. There's also the choice of DILA, LED via mirrors. There's very good projectors in all areas. Leo likes Epson. There are better ones if he's willing to spend a lot of money. Epson makes a good product, though. John should check out HeronFidelity.com for reviews.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).