How can I create my own internet television channel?

Episode 1279 (13:03)

Scott from Orange County, CA

Scott wants to get into internet TV. Leo says he's been doing it for ten years, and it's still not as widespread. But it's gaining in popularity. In fact, most TVs sold are smart TVs that are connected to the internet and allow users to stream services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. That's IPTV as well. He's heard about the TriCaster and knows that Leo uses one. With an IP camera, does it really make it more like CNN? Leo says it does. But it's dependent on bandwidth. Leo's audience is as big as it was in the days of Tech TV now. FaceBook Live will make this a lot easier as it allows people to even use their smartphone to create internet television, for just a few hundred dollars.

Scott should also check out UStream Producer.