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Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott wants to get into internet TV. Leo says he's been doing it for ten years, and it's still not as widespread. But it's gaining in popularity. In fact, most TVs sold are smart TVs that are connected to the internet and allow users to stream services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. That's IPTV as well. He's heard about the TriCaster and knows that Leo uses one. With an IP camera, does it really make it more like CNN? Leo says it does. But it's dependent on bandwidth. Leo's audience is as big as it was in the days of Tech TV now. FaceBook Live will make this a lot easier as it allows people to even use their smartphone to create internet television, for just a few hundred dollars.

Scott should also check out UStream Producer.

Watch Scott from Arlington, TX Comments

Scott is having trouble accessing apps on his Lenovo running Windows 10. It usually happens after it sits idle for a few minutes. Then when he activates it, it just sits there like it's doing something else. Leo says that there's a good app by Microsoft called SysInternals Process Explorer, which will give him a breakdown of what processes are running in the background during that time. It's like Task Manager on steroids. It's very light weight and he can actually have it running in the background, so when it does happen, he'll be able to see what process is going wild. Leo does have a hunch it may be security software though.

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Watch Otto from Oceanside, CA Comments

Otto bought a 4th generation Apple TV, but when he launched Hulu, he doesn't get to watch the content because it blacks out. This also happens on HBO and Netflix. When he plugs in the older Apple TV, it works just fine. Leo says it could be an issue with the HDMI cable or even the port not supporting the new Apple TV. Leo also says it may be a copy protection issue through HDCP with his TV and the premium copy protected content. The TV may be misinterpreting the signal as well since Otto is using multiple HDMI inputs. If that's the case, running it through an AV receiver could fix it and give him the benefit of better sound.

The chatroom found a solution on It's in remote and devices. He should turn off Control TVs and Receivers.

Watch Joseph from Pasadena, CA Comments

Joseph uses PayPal for his business and when he upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus he started having issues with PayPal's magstripe reader. Leo says that those readers are actually microphones that pick up the magnetic pulses as sound for the app to translate.

The chatroom says that there is a known issue with it on the Apple Discussions board. It says that getting a new reader could solve the issue.

Watch Tim from Melrose, CA Comments

Tim has a Mac and every once in awhile he has to run Disk Utility to repair permissions when it runs a little crazy. But it happens quite often. Leo sometimes thinks it's "voodoo" to have to run it, but repairing disk permissions is usually the best thing to do when the Mac starts to act up. What it usually reflects is that the metadata can get corrupted, preventing the computer to write to it. Repairing the permissions fixes that.

Tim says the SUID file doesn't get fixed and that still causes the computer to keep acting up. Leo says that's the set user ID, and it's an 8 bit number that's attached to every file that gives him permission to read/write/execute it. If it's corrupt or damaged, it may not be able to fix it. According to Apple, even if it's damaged, he can safely ignore the error. If it drives him crazy, then he can always reinstall his OS.

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Watch Yogi from Belmont Shores, CA Comments

Yogi wants to know about file encryption. He encrypted a file and then wanted to take the key off and put it on a USB key, but he can't find it. Leo says that the certificate is the key. If he can find the certificate, he can copy it. If he were to copy the file without the certificate, no one would be able to get to that file. The idea is that he's encrypting the file so that it can't be opened by anyone who isn't himself, and the way he can prove his identity in this case is by logging into his system. Someone would have to have both his login and the password to access that file.

Watch Seth from Long Beach, CA Comments

Seth wants to set up a home media server for a friend. He has an array of hard drives that connect via Thunderbolt and wants to share those with everyone else in the house. Can he do that or does he have to migrate to a separate NAS? Leo says that a Home Media Server is a kind of NAS that can be an older computer or even a hard drive that runs Apple Media Player or even Windows Media Player. In fact, many routers can do this as well. Apple's Airport can do this. But the best idea is just to get a Network Attached Storage and run the home media server software that comes with it. What he'll want is one that supports Plex. Synology makes excellent ones.

Watch John from Menifee, CA Comments

John is looking to get a projector for home theater that he can use outdoors and he's been looking at the specs, like Lumens. Leo says that specs can sometimes be used against him because of how a company measures those specs. Lumens are a perfect example. Many measure based on the color white, but others measure across the entire spectrum. But he'll also want to measure "throw," or how far it will send out the image and stay in focus. He should also consider sound. There's also the choice of DILA, LED via mirrors. There's very good projectors in all areas. Leo likes Epson. There are better ones if he's willing to spend a lot of money. Epson makes a good product, though. John should check out for reviews.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).

Watch Ronnie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ronnie has several accounts for Windows 7 and is terrified about the forced migration to Windows 10. Leo says that she can use Steve Gibson's Never10 to avoid it. But if she's really wanting to upgrade and is just worried about it, she shouldn't worry. The upgrade is pretty painless when the computer is compatible with it. And Microsoft will only do the upgrade if it is. It will also save all of her accounts and settings. Leo hasn't had any trouble upgrading all his computers to Windows 10. It is still a good idea to back up all data and settings just in case, though.

Watch Bob from Gulfport, MI Comments

Bob bought the Amazon Fire TV and it works great. But he can't figure out how to get Google Play on it. Leo says that Amazon created it to use their store, and so to have Google Play on it would be competing, and Amazon doesn't want to pay for Google's services.