Why is my iPhone 6 doing things on its own?

Episode 1278 (14:22)

Doug from California
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Doug's phone has been acting possessed. It makes calls and activates apps all by itself. It even called an Uber without him knowing. Leo says it's possible that a remote access trojan could be on his phone, but it's unlikely because iPhones are hard to hack. Leo says that Doug should change all his passwords immediately. It's clear that something not good is on there, so Leo recommends wiping the phone. Start over. Doug should get rid of any apps that may have been involved and make sure he removes his credit card info from the Uber app.

The chat room says that this may be from a faulty digitizer, engaging in random spurious clicks. That's not uncommon. Leo suggests bringing it into the Apple Store and talk to a genius. He should back it up first though.