Why can't I access my contacts data in Office?

Episode 1278 (1:51:38)

Moira from Irvine, CA

Moira has been running Office on the Mac, but when she tries to search her contacts, she gets results that are unreadable. Microsoft suggested she index the contacts database, which she did, but it didn't help. They made her create a new user on the Mac, and that did work. Leo says that indicates a bad profile. It's a good way to troubleshoot, actually. It could be a bad index, though. It could be other software impacting it, like a plugin or add-on. Leo says to get rid of the Microsoft support folder, then backup her contacts and data, and uninstall everything. She should get as clean and thorough of an uninstall as possible. Then she can reinstall Office and install her data again. Leo suspects that'll fix it.

The chatroom says that Microsoft uses Spotlight to search, and that leads Leo to conclude that Spotlight may be messed up. IoGeek in the chatroom says that she can fix that by doing the following: Go to Spotlight in the System Preferences, click on the 'Privacy' tab and drag the hard drive there. Then close System Preferences, open it up again, and remove the hard drive and restart.

Here's another tip from techradar.com. It uses an Apple utility called MDUTIL.