How can I downgrade from Windows 10?

Episode 1278 (1:28:16)

Stan from Colton, CA
Windows 10 Start Menu

Stan turned on his Windows computer today and discovered that Microsoft had updated his computer to Windows 10 without his permission. And in the process, data was deleted. Leo says if he's been backing up, he can get his data back by recovering it. Windows 10 shouldn't have deleted the data, though. So it may be that the data is there, but it's not being picked up by Windows. He should make sure that he's logging in with the same account as well.

This is so wrong of Microsoft to force you to upgrade. The good news is that for 30 days, you should be able to downgrade to the previous operating system. So Stan should look in the recovery console for that option. Leo thinks this is a class action lawsuit in the making. Leo recommends using Steve Gibson's utility Never10. It will protect him from this happening again.