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Watch Doug from California Comments

Doug's phone has been acting possessed. It makes calls and activates apps all by itself. It even called an Uber without him knowing. Leo says it's possible that a remote access trojan could be on his phone, but it's unlikely because iPhones are hard to hack. Leo says that Doug should change all his passwords immediately. It's clear that something not good is on there, so Leo recommends wiping the phone. Start over. Doug should get rid of any apps that may have been involved and make sure he removes his credit card info from the Uber app.

The chat room says that this may be from a faulty digitizer, engaging in random spurious clicks. That's not uncommon. Leo suggests bringing it into the Apple Store and talk to a genius. He should back it up first though.

Watch John from New Jersey Comments

John is a DJ for weddings and clubs. He's looking for software that would allow clients to text him without knowing his real number. Leo says that there were some products that don't work anymore, but getting a Google Voice account would work perfectly. They could text the Google Voice number and he can set it up to forward it to his mobile phone.

Watch Donald from Mojave Valley, AZ Comments

Donald has an iMac and has to have his screen repaired. But he doesn't know how to wipe the drive since there's no command key. Leo says that Apple has changed it from CMD to an Apple Key and a cloverleaf/propeller symbol. It's the same. How can he reset his iMac and wipe the drive if he doesn't know the password? Leo says to reboot and while it's starting up, press the CMD Key, plus R. This will put the computer into recovery mode and he can then run the Disk Utility to format the hard drive. Then he can reinstall.

Watch Nas from San Pedro, California Comments

Nas said that he had the same phantom iPhone issue with his tablet and it turned out to be the magnet from his case that caused the system to start activating his apps. He thinks that maybe the previous caller may be using too much current when charging and that's causing a magnetic field resulting in random app activity.

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Watch Chuck from Studio City, CA Comments

Chuck's wife has a Windows 10 computer that keeps going into airplane mode. He has to go to a restore point just to get it connected. Leo says that there is an airplane mode key -- F2 or the Print Screen key -- and if he accidently hits it, it will put his laptop into airplane more.

Watch William from Capistrano Beach, CA Comments

William has an Airport Extreme router that disconnects 3-4 times a day. Leo says that's not unusual with routers. They're basically just a dumb computer that sometimes crashes. So he'll have to unplug and reboot it. If it continues after that, it indicates that the router is starting to fail and he'll need to replace it. He can also try rebooting his modem.

It also could be interference, and it's likely on the 2.4Ghz spectrum. If he has the ability to use 5Ghz, he should use that. He should also check for microwaves, cordless phones, and anything that could cause interference with the Wi-Fi.

Watch David from Alhambra, CA Comments

David came across an app called Clean Master that's supposed to protect and optimize your mobile device. Leo isn't so sure. He's not really impressed with download numbers, either. It's whether the app really works. And even if it does, it's unnecessary. David doesn't really need it. It's not doing anything important and some of the things it does is bad. It can certainly kill his battery life. It will also delete temporary files that will just cause his phone to download them again when he returns to that site. So it's not really doing anything. He's better off just keeping his OS up to date.

Watch Chris from New Jersey Comments

Chris wants to know if he can have a running backup that will enable him to reboot should the hard drive crash and just pick up right where he left off. Leo says he can do it by setting up a RAID running RAID 1. He can also run SuperDuper which can create bootable backups, but it's Mac only.

Here are a few suggestions from the chatroom:

Leo also provided more options in a segment from episode 1178, which you can find here.

Watch Stan from Colton, CA Comments

Stan turned on his Windows computer today and discovered that Microsoft had updated his computer to Windows 10 without his permission. And in the process, data was deleted. Leo says if he's been backing up, he can get his data back by recovering it. Windows 10 shouldn't have deleted the data, though. So it may be that the data is there, but it's not being picked up by Windows. He should make sure that he's logging in with the same account as well.

This is so wrong of Microsoft to force you to upgrade. The good news is that for 30 days, you should be able to downgrade to the previous operating system. So Stan should look in the recovery console for that option. Leo thinks this is a class action lawsuit in the making. Leo recommends using Steve Gibson's utility Never10. It will protect him from this happening again.

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Watch Andrea from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Andrea needs to replace her Mac and wants to know if she should get an iMac or if she could use a Mac Mini. Leo says that the iMac is faster and will perform better. The Mac Mini is a low cost Mac but doesn't include monitor, keyboard or mouse. It tends to be used as servers, home theaters, or even a poor man's iMac, but Andrea will be disappointed with the performance. Leo recommends the 5K iMac if she can afford it. If she's still on the fence, she should go to the Apple store and try them.

Watch Moira from Irvine, CA Comments

Moira has been running Office on the Mac, but when she tries to search her contacts, she gets results that are unreadable. Microsoft suggested she index the contacts database, which she did, but it didn't help. They made her create a new user on the Mac, and that did work. Leo says that indicates a bad profile. It's a good way to troubleshoot, actually. It could be a bad index, though. It could be other software impacting it, like a plugin or add-on. Leo says to get rid of the Microsoft support folder, then backup her contacts and data, and uninstall everything. She should get as clean and thorough of an uninstall as possible. Then she can reinstall Office and install her data again. Leo suspects that'll fix it.

The chatroom says that Microsoft uses Spotlight to search, and that leads Leo to conclude that Spotlight may be messed up. IoGeek in the chatroom says that she can fix that by doing the following: Go to Spotlight in the System Preferences, click on the 'Privacy' tab and drag the hard drive there. Then close System Preferences, open it up again, and remove the hard drive and restart.

Here's another tip from It uses an Apple utility called MDUTIL.

Watch Greg from Conifer, CO Comments

Greg wants to know if ransomware will infect and encrypt drives in multiple locations. He uses the Transporter to sync his data. Leo says it won't do that. It can't go over the internet to infect it. But if he's backing up encrypted files, those could get backed up replacing the other files. That's why versioning is so important. Carbonite has a great solution and a white paper on versioning.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Brent from New Jersey Comments

Brent wants a generic 1TB SSD, hoping to save money. Leo says he can't really find a generic hard drive and he'll really want to get a good one. Leo likes the Samsung EVO 950 SSD. He can go to, and he'll be able to get a decent deal on one.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay wants to get rid of cookies and prevent them from being saved on his computer. Leo says that cookies are supposed to be used to save data when visiting a website so that when he returns to it, he won't have to reload or relogin. Not only that, but it gives him ads based on his interests. He can turn off 3rd party cookies, though, if he wants.