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Episode 1277 April 9, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Shannon from Nebraska Comments

Shannon updated his mobile phone to Android Marshmallow and now his apps time out after a few minutes. Leo says that Marshmallow added a feature called Doze, which is supposed to help with battery life, and Shannon should go into the application manager settings and see if the permissions are set to allow backgrounding. It may be that they are being blocked to work in the background. For the apps that are stalliing, Leo suggests uninstalling them and then reinstalling them, paying close attention to the permissions it asks for.

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis keeps getting emails from LifeLock, and he wants to know if the service is worth the price. Leo says that he's been a subscriber for ten years, and he got it to protect his kids. Leo's opinion is that they do a great job monitoring your credit to be sure nefarious activity doens't crop up, and when it does, they can help you fix it. It's not cheap, but Leo has never had any problem and has no plans to stop using it. But you can put a fraud alert on your own account which will warn you when someone tries to open up credit.

Dave Ramsey has an article on it. Banks also may have a program that can protect you. Clark Howard also has a guide on how to protect yourself against identity theft.

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Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter has a Windows 10 computer, and the hard drive consists of 284GB in the apps and games portion, but the apps and games only seem to add up to 4.5GB. The total drive is 570GB. Leo recommends getting WinDirStat. This is the best way to see how much space is used on the hard drive. It's a more visual representation of what's free and what's used.

Watch Anthony from Westminster, CA Comments

Anthony is planning to build his own computer and wants to know if he should use the stock CPU fan or buy a third party fan. Leo says that doing labor intensive activities like gaming and video editing will tax processors and generate a lot of heat. Recently, Leo built a new computer for virtual reality and they require a lot of power and generate a lot of heat. Leo chose liquid cooling for it. These days you can buy a sealed unit that is leak free. Here's the one Leo bought. That also means buying a case and motherboard that supports liquid cooling. He can also buy a computer that's already built and that's advantageous because of support.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve is planning to buy a new laptop and is looking at the Lenovo P50 because it allows him to use dual PCI drives built in, plus a third SSD for data. Leo says that makes it a bit heavy at 6 pounds and is mostly a desktop replacement. Steve says it's worth it because he's editing 4K video. Leo says it can certainly do that because it has a Xenon processor, up to 64GB of memory and supports Thunderbolt and USB Type C. It's a nice rig. What's remarkable is that reviews say it gets 8 1/2 hours of battery life. And for the price, it's a very good choice.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve got the Tiny Hardware Firewall and he can't configure it for Wi-Fi. Leo says to give it plenty of time to boot up. It has to boot up twice and it could take up to five minutes before it's ready. So patience is a virtue. He should plug it in, and just wait for 5 minutes before trying to configure it.

Watch Richard from Omaha, NB Comments

Richard is in Omaha for awhile and wants to know the best cell service for the area. Leo says not to rely on the cell service coverage map. Often times their coverage is "exaggerated." Leo advises talking to friends, neighbors and co-workers to see what they're using and if they like it. Once he decides on a service, he may want to ask if they have a policy that allows him to cancel the service within the first few weeks if he's unhappy with the service. He should check out as well.

Watch Fern from Junction City, KS Comments

Fern is only getting audio from YouTube videos, but the actual video is just colored lines. Leo would try going to in her browser on the Android tablet. She should make sure YouTube isn't trying to send her Flash video content. Leo also suggests getting the YouTube app from the Google Play store. If she still can't see videos with it, she should take it back to Verizon, where she got it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Brad from West LA Comments

Brad is posting videos to YouTube and he wants to know the difference between embedding and sharing. Leo says that both are ways to share his videos. Sharing is where he sends people a link. Embedding is putting it on his website. Either way works.

How can videos go viral? Nobody really knows, but Leo says it comes down to the title. He'll have to think about how people will be searching for his video. Make it easy. But he should also search for his title to see what competing results will pop up. That could cause issues as well. Will changing the title effect his hits? Leo says no. He can change it. He should also share it on Facebook.

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David has a problem where his computer shuts off after awhile and he has to log in twice to get it back. Leo says he's had a similar issue with a MacBook. As long as he uses it every day, it's not problem. But after a few days, this issue would pop up. Leo just logs out and shuts down and that solves the issue. David should uncheck put the hard disk to sleep. He should also disable Power Nap. Those things may prevent this from happening. Turning off the Sleep function entirely will work as well, but he'll be using power then.

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave also has an issue with his iPhone where he gets a popup box that says "no cellular activation" when he's trying to search for something. Is that malware? Leo says no. It's not, but his profile may be wrong, and that governs access to the LTE network. There could be a spurious profile that's causing the issue. He may need to wipe the phone and set it up as new. Then restore from iTunes. If the problem comes back, he'll know it's a bad profile. He can also gradually reinstall each app one by one and then he can isolate which app is causing the issue.

Dave should check out eCamm's PhoneView. He can try before he buys. It'll allow him to get all his data off, including text messages, voice messages, data, etc. Definitely worth it.

Watch Jose from Santa Fe Springs, CA Comments

Jose is in the market for his first flat screen. He wants to get a Samsung 60" TV, with a budget of $1000. He's seen one for under $800. Leo says that's a great price. But Jose should also look at Vizio TVs. They will give him a lot more bang for his buck and Leo believes that the software in them is much better. If he can afford the P Series, they're really nice TVs. The thing to pay close attention to are the blacks. Make sure they are deep black, and that whites are true white.

Watch Bob from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Bob has Verizon and they recently migrated his email from Yahoo to AOL and they didn't bring over any of the email or the data. And Yahoo won't let him reset his password. Leo says that it's apparently the case that his email had been disabled. The irony is that Verizon may buy Yahoo, and if they do, they'll probably move him back. Bob may also try going directly to Yahoo Mail and logging in that way. He could also try and see if he can log in that way.

Bob should check out this FAQ on the process of moving to AOL at

Bob should also write Lowell McAdam, CEO at Verizon. Often when writing the CEO, you can get your issue escalated. Tweet @yahoocares and @verizonsupport. Nothing gets a company's attention more than complaining to them in front of the thousand followers.