What Technology Will Be the Next Big Thing?

Episode 1276 (03:35)

Oculus Rift went on sale to the public this week. It's a virtual reality headset that has motion tracking in it along with a camera that can track your body's movements. It also has headphones with very good quality sound. For video, it means that you'll be able to look around and see things all around you. Instead of a camera man or director determining what you'll be seeing, you can look at anything you choose. Gaming is another big use case for these headsets. HTC has made a VR headset called the Vive in conjunction with Steam, a distributor of games for PC. Sony also will be releasing a VR headset later this year that will work with the PlayStation 4. Other VR headsets that are on the market include Google's Cardboard viewer and Samsung's Gear VR where you put your phone into it and use that as the screen. This technology can also be used to get together with friends remotely and tour places all over the world right from home.

Another very interesting technology is augmented reality. Microsoft this week showed off more of its HoloLens this week. This is a visor kind of like the virtual reality headset, except you can see through to the real world with it. HoloLens then can transform or superimpose things onto the world that you're looking at. This could even be the future of user interface.

Bots and Messaging is yet another technology that has promise. Then finally, autonomous vehicles could also become the next big thing in the future.