Should I build my own high end PC?

Episode 1276 (1:32:38)

Mike from Fountain, CO

Mike has been watching Leo's VR Computer build and he wants to build his own PC as well. He's currently running a 6 year old Intel Core 2 Duo computer, but he's upgrading the video card so that he can play 4K video to his TV. Leo points out that he could run the Oculus Rift on the GTX 970 video card that he has as well. He's planning on upgrading the computer to the Intel Skylake i7 processor. He does a lot of transcoding, which is very CPU intensive, so that's why Mike needs a high end computer. It can be GPU intensive too, but modern Intel platforms do quite a good job with video codecs.

He'd be getting the Intel i7 6700K, and a Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming Revision 1 motherboard. It comes with a 16 Gigabits of SD RAM. He has another full tower to put the new build in, and it's $569. He's wondering if Leo thinks it's a good idea to do, and he'd be making the old computer a server. Leo says it sounds very good. He recommends running SSDs, because they make a huge difference. SSDs are so fast now, that they're outpacing the SATA Bus, so newer machines are using a PCI Express Bus. Leo recommends checking out the Hardware Leaderboard at PC Perspective for more suggestions on hardware.

When building a new PC, however, it's important to realize that you have to be your own support.

Mike is also wondering if Windows 10 allows dual booting? Leo says yes. Could he boot more than 2? Leo says he's going to want to use a boot manager after that because Windows doesn't play well with multiple operating systems.