How can I transfer my data to a new computer?

Episode 1275 (1:09:15)

Mark from Grand Rapids, MI

Mark bought a new computer for his daughter but the Windows Transfer Wizard transfer app doesn't work. What can he do to get her data to the new computer? Leo says that the Windows transfer utility doesn't work all the time and when it does, it may not get everything. So he just recommends getting an external hard drive or thumb drive, copying the data over and then plugging it in and copying it to the new computer. She won't get the settings or favorites, but she can get her data. To get her favorites, she can go into her browser and then export it out into a main file that she can copy over. Then she can import them back.

If she has Outlook for email, it stores into a main folder that she can also export. Saved game data is usually saved in the game folder. But she can just drag the Documents and Settings folder to her external drive and it should get everything she needs. She should check out to find which channels can be watched live online.