Why do I have different backups of my phone on each computer?

Episode 1274 (1:32:44)

Mark from Lancaster, CA

Mark has an iPhone 5 that is backed up to iTunes, but he gets different data on when it was backed up depending on his computer. Leo says that a backup from iTunes is done to the computer, so it makes sense that multiple computers would have different local backups. He can back up to the cloud but he'll only get 5GB of iCloud storage unless he pays for more. That's enabled in the settings. Leo also recommends encrypting his backups as well. That option is also in the settings.

Mark also points out that when backing up continuously to a service like Carbonite, won't that also backup malware that might get installed? Leo says absolutely. Carbonite has versioning so it's possible to restore a backup from before the malware was installed. A lot of backup solutions don't do versioning, which is very important in instances like this.