How can I rip a Blu-ray disc?

Episode 1274 (17:41)

Mike from Lafayette, CA

Mike bought a copy of the The Martian and it comes with a digital download. But he has the choice of getting it from iTunes or "Ultra Violet." Which one will work best with most of his devices? Leo says that iTunes will work on Apple Devices and Windows, but not Android. And he can't stream it on anything but an Apple TV.

Leo just recommends downloading a DVD ripper. Blu-ray can be tricky though. If it's a DVD, then Handbrake and VLC Media Player is what he'd need. Slysoft makes a good one, but they were recently put out of business. So if he can find a copy of RedFox, that's the way to go. But if not, then he should go with MakeMKV with Handbrake. It's technically illegal, but since he already owns a copy of it, it's not something that any judge in the land would convict him of since he's only making a personal copy of it.