How can I monitor my data usage?

Episode 1274 (1:54:46)

Jonathan from Knoxville, TN

Jonathan is with Comcast and they've put data caps on his service. 300GB per month plus $10 for another 50GB. Leo says that's terrible. 300GB isn't very much if he's watching Netlix. He can check his consumption in Windows 10. He can also check on his mobile device. Asus has a traffic monitor interface that he could use. Wireshark is another option for analyzing the traffic on his wireless. He could also put open source firmware on his router like DDWRT or Tomato which would do that monitoring for him. Jonathan could get a business account that isn't capped. It's about $100 a month. Leo says that this is anti competitive behavior since they want to keep him as a cable customer, rather than let him stream.