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Watch Rick from Long Beach, CA Comments

Rick upgraded to Windows 10 and now he can't install his AVG antivirus software. It keeps telling him there's another installation in progress. Rebooting doesn't help. Leo says that it sounds like the Windows installation program may have gotten corrupted. He can fix it by resetting the MSI Exec file. has an article on how to do this.

Leo also says that AVG may be an issue as well and there's no reason to use it now that Windows has it's own antivirus with Windows Defender. So he should just enable what he already has and ditch AVG.

Watch Mike from Lafayette, CA Comments

Mike bought a copy of the The Martian and it comes with a digital download. But he has the choice of getting it from iTunes or "Ultra Violet." Which one will work best with most of his devices? Leo says that iTunes will work on Apple Devices and Windows, but not Android. And he can't stream it on anything but an Apple TV.

Leo just recommends downloading a DVD ripper. Blu-ray can be tricky though. If it's a DVD, then Handbrake and VLC Media Player is what he'd need. Slysoft makes a good one, but they were recently put out of business. So if he can find a copy of RedFox, that's the way to go. But if not, then he should go with MakeMKV with Handbrake. It's technically illegal, but since he already owns a copy of it, it's not something that any judge in the land would convict him of since he's only making a personal copy of it.

Watch Jose from San Jose, CA Comments

Jose's laptop got stolen and he has no backups. Leo says the first thing Jose should do is change all the passwords for any online banking, social media, etc, and turn on second factor authentication. He should also turn on encryption on his mobile devices. It's a harsh lesson, but Jose has learned to always backup and encrypt his data.

Watch Robert from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Robert wants to know why the FBI just doesn't talk to the NSA about the data they want on the terrorist's phone. In reality, Apple's position is that the metadata from the carrier itself tells a lot of detail. But there may be a legal wall that would prohibit them from cooperating. The NSA just announced that they are helping, though. So that leads Leo to believe that there's another goal here. Their goal is to get the keys to the kingdom and force Apple to give them a backdoor to their phones.

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Watch Rick from North Carolina Comments

Rick wants to know why apps have to have access to all his contact information and other data? Leo says that both Apple and Android developers to ask permission to access stuff. So it's all "chunked up," so that it doesn't ask dozens of questions for permission. Android has at least changed it to where it asks permission when it needs to. Not all at once. Asking for permission for access to contacts is problematic because it could be abused. But games sometimes ask for that, or Apple's Find Friends, so that they can use it so you can contact other people to join in.

Watch Rick from North Carolina Comments

Leo says no. That's Windows Media Center, which was designed to watch TV through a home theater PC. Most people never used it, so Microsoft killed it. Windows still uses Windows Media Player, and always will.

Watch Rocko from Lancaster, CA Comments

Rocko wants to know if there's a simpler keyboard for someone who has motor control issues or are vision challenged. Leo recommends going to Living Made Easy, which is a British company. He should also check a local independent living resource center as well, as they could help him out. Hypertec is a good company that offers larger button keyboards. Rocko should also check out Fry's and Walmart are known to carry large key keyboards as well.

Watch Steve from Trabuco Canyon, CA Comments

Steve is a HAM Radio operator who wants to use a Windows tablet to decode radio signals. He uses WSJT-X software. Leo says that Intel created a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid for lower power usage. There's also something called an Intel Compute stick that can turn a TV into a computer. There's also the Kangaroo PC by InFocus. It costs $99, is battery powered, and runs Windows 10. It would be a great choice for this.

Watch Gil from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Gil signed up with Carbonite and after his computer crashed he tried to restore his data but they didn't have any data for him since 2013. Leo says that even when using a backup, it's always a good idea to check and see it's working continually. Don't just trust that any software is automatically doing what it's supposed to all the time. This is also a good reason to have a 3-2-1 backup strategy. Three different copies, on two different media formats, with one off site. That way if something goes awry, he'd have a back up of the backup.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Margaret from Burbank, CA Comments

Margaret wants to get on the internet, but she's on a tight budget. Leo says that Margaret already has a cable subscription, so she could get a deal through them. She should ask what their cheapest package is, then shop around. DSL will be slower than cable. And the upload/download speeds they boast will be ideal max conditions. For standard email and surfing with little streaming, she should be fine with 1.5 Mbps up.

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Watch Mark from Lancaster, CA Comments

Mark has an iPhone 5 that is backed up to iTunes, but he gets different data on when it was backed up depending on his computer. Leo says that a backup from iTunes is done to the computer, so it makes sense that multiple computers would have different local backups. He can back up to the cloud but he'll only get 5GB of iCloud storage unless he pays for more. That's enabled in the settings. Leo also recommends encrypting his backups as well. That option is also in the settings.

Mark also points out that when backing up continuously to a service like Carbonite, won't that also backup malware that might get installed? Leo says absolutely. Carbonite has versioning so it's possible to restore a backup from before the malware was installed. A lot of backup solutions don't do versioning, which is very important in instances like this.

Watch Fran from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Fran updated to Windows 8.1 and now she has to always choose a boot loader. Leo says that could point to a stuck F12 key. But it could also point to a changed boot order in BIOS. She should change it back to boot Windows first. Leo also suspects that the motherboard battery is dying. It can easily be replaced by popping it out. If her date isn't correct, then she'll know for sure.

Watch Jonathan from Knoxville, TN Comments

Jonathan is with Comcast and they've put data caps on his service. 300GB per month plus $10 for another 50GB. Leo says that's terrible. 300GB isn't very much if he's watching Netlix. He can check his consumption in Windows 10. He can also check on his mobile device. Asus has a traffic monitor interface that he could use. Wireshark is another option for analyzing the traffic on his wireless. He could also put open source firmware on his router like DDWRT or Tomato which would do that monitoring for him. Jonathan could get a business account that isn't capped. It's about $100 a month. Leo says that this is anti competitive behavior since they want to keep him as a cable customer, rather than let him stream.

Watch Steve from Anaheim, CA Comments

Steve has Windows 8.1 on his laptop and it's constantly bugging him to update, but he doesn't want to. He's concerned with Windows 10's privacy issues. Leo says it's true that Windows does phone home and will send stuff to the home office, but it's largely for things like preferences, data requests pertaining to Cortana, etc. Steve should just customize his install when he installs it and he can turn off those things one by one. But they've been doing that since Windows XP. It's really much ado about nothing.

If he's interested in preventing a Windows 10 update, Steve Gibson has a utility called Never 10. It will disable the upgrade.