What is a good monitor to limit eye strain?

Episode 1273 (1:31:07)

Douglas from Las Vegas, CA

Doug wants a monitor that won't give him eye strain. What about BenQ? Leo says that they've been around a long time and are very good. They have a monitor that has low blue light and reduces flicker. Any monitor with a high refresh rate will help with eye strain, though. So he doesn't have to limit his choices to one. He should just shop for that feature.

Leo says that Apple's latest version of iOS is now reducing blue light to help people sleep. Leo isn't sure it's proven science, but it's the current fad. Blue light may tell the brain it's day time, and that's why people may have trouble sleeping. The yellow spectrum is supposedly warmer more soothing. A more important feature is a high refresh rate, though. Placement of the monitor is also really important. He should have the screen at eye level, and make sure there's no bright light source in front of or directly behind the monitor. The room should be evenly lit.