Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1273 (23:35)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott has big news that Vizio has changed the name of the game in big screen TVs. On Tuesday, Vizio announced the P-Series, which has much of the R-Series features for 1/3 of the price. It comes with HDR with Dolby Vision, and it will get a firmware update in 90 days that will give users HDR10 as well. This is huge because it should drastically drop the price of HDR 4K TVs fairly quickly.

It also comes with a 6" Android tablet as a remote with Google Cast and that is how the apps are stored. Scott says that Vizio has separated navigation from consumption and it could result in a paradigm shift on how apps work on TVs. When calibrating a TV, the menus on the screen can make the process more difficult. So having the menus all on the separate tablet makes it easier to get the TV properly calibrated. Scott says that the P-Series will also not have a tuner built in, and Scott says that this points to Vizio betting on streaming as the dominant form of getting your entertainment in the near future. Leo agrees and says that Vizio is clearly seeking to grab an untapped segment of the market.