Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1273 (1:17:49)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet was about 60 miles away from the Belgium attacks this week, but he says that terrorism shouldn't deter anyone from traveling. It only means that the thugs win if we do. If anything, we should travel more. Tip - Always use the bathroom on the terminal side of security. That way anyone in there has been searched.

Travel website - Project Visa. This site will tell you Visa information for any country in the world. Leo says that thanks to Johnny's recommendation, he subscribes to updates from the UK Government about traveling to Great Britain and their colonies.

App - Overnight. Book a last minute place to stay. Hosts can make money, new friends, etc. Travelers can get a safe place to stay the night. Leo says that this is a great source for young people who like the whole hostel thing and want to meet people as they travel.