Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1273 (2:18:04)

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is Bruno: The World’s First SmartCan! When you're sweeping, and it's time to get of the dust, just sweep it up to the opening at the bottom of the Bruno SmartCan and built in sensors will turn on a vacuum that's also built in. Not only does the vacuum suck up the dust, but it's funneled up the back of the Bruno device and into the trash bag! But wait, there's more!! There's also a WiFi enabled model that adds alerts you when you need to empty the trash bag, or when you're running out of trash bags. The alerts are sent to you via a smartphone app. Bruno is on preorder now at a discount price of $129 for the standard vacuum model, or for $179 if you want the WiFi enabled model. I believe the sale price is through the end of March, 2016, but you can check their website at the link below.

- Company video (YouTube)
- Company website (BrunoSmartCan.com)