What mobile hotspot should I get when traveling to the US from France?

Episode 1272 (1:21:33)

Dorothy from France

Dorothy lives in France and is coming to the US for holiday. She'll be on a road trip and she wants a Wi-Fi hotspot for everyone to use in the car. Leo says that he's done that going the other way to Europe and he just rented a MiFi Wi-Fi Card. It's a credit card sized device that is battery powered and gets its bandwidth from LTE. Then everyone can share it.

Leo likes Karma Go. She'll want to avoid International Data Roaming with her own phone. When she gets here, she should make sure to turn that off. Otherwise she could get a bill for thousands of dollars! Every US carrier sells them, but Leo's not sure about rentals. She can check out Prepaidwithdata.wikia.com for more info.