Should I buy a 1080p or 4K TV?

Episode 1272 (1:03:28)

Kathleen from Rancho Cucamonga

Kathleen's HDTV just died. She's looking to buy a 65" 1080p model for $500, but should she buy a 4K TV? Leo says that it may just be a bad cable, so she should make sure that isn't the problem. But if it's dead, then Leo says that it's a very good time to buy a TV as the new models are coming out in the Spring. 4k content is starting to trickle out now and the 4K UHD Blu-ray players are half as much as the Blu-ray players were when they first came out. There's some great options at $1000 for 4K TVs.

Can she buy 1080p? Leo says sure! There's plenty of time before 4K is going to be mainstream. But she'll likely want one in a few years. If she does decide to get a 4K TV, Leo advises getting a UHD Premium TV. UHD Premium is the new standard, but not every 4K TV supports it. That will help to future proof the TV.

Does she need a smartTV? Leo says no. He's not a fan of smart TVs, because the software is terrible and she's not going to surf the internet with it. She certainly shouldn't spend extra on it. The exception is the LG Roku TV. It's better because it uses WebOS.

TruMotion? Leo says no. It isn't good for anything but sports and action movies. But she can easily turn it off.

Ultimately, Kathleen should get the biggest TV she can afford.